Entitiled Victimhood


Fashion Victim By AquaSixio

“We are only victims if we allow ourselves to be” – McCartney Green

One of the most interesting and recurring things I keep seeing and hearing in our current culture is something that I feel doesn’t get discussed enough directly. Many have talked about it at a higher level and have described the attributes of it, but I feel we need to give this issue a name and full break down of what it is, how it came to be, and what does the future look like with regards to it. The issue I am talking about is what I call “Entitled Victimhood.”

For those versed in the Red Pill, this phrasing will immediately conjure up precisely the issue I want to address and delve into and you no doubt will have a pretty solid understanding of what I am about to launch into. For those of you not so well versed, fear not, I’ll be going a little insightful on my breakdown so take notes and pay attention. This information might help you in a situation that you are presently in or will be in at some point. Sooner or later, you will have to deal with this so it’s best to be prepared.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of Hypergamy, then do get acquainted over at The Ration Male. Rollo Tomassi excellently and expertly explains the dynamics and functions (in more detail than you may ever need, but it’s brilliant stuff). But I’m going to assume that you have a basic understanding of it as I layout the highlights:

  1. Women are hypergamous; it’s not malicious, it’s just their nature. Don’t get mad, adsorb that knowledge and use it for your own benefit and for theirs as well.
  2. Hypergamy always tests for perfection which means you always have to bring your A game. If you can’t handle that, there’s plenty of room on the sidelines.
  3. Hypergamy doesn’t care about who you are, what your struggle is, or what you’re dealing with. Hypergamy deals very much with the here and now, and what potential upside there may be. Again this is not malicious, if a woman is going to invest her future security and provisioning into something, she’s going to make damn sure she’s making the best choice possible. You should apply a bit of that in your own decision process if you are considering a relationship.

Now, one of the by-products of Hypergamy infiltrating our modern “progressive” culture (western culture) is that there is a very strong fem-centric frame that our culture relates to. All things feminine are good, almost righteous, empowering, and not to be questioned; while on the other side of the coin all things male are to be mocked, shamed, and ripe for feminization. To question or resist this idea is to be “backwards,” “misyginistic,” and “part of the problem.” And this is what leads me to today’s topic. From this fem-centric perspective we’ve done men and women a great disservice: Men are put into a catch 22 scenario where they are supposed to be “real men” yet are socially crucified for acting in a traditionally male way, while women are treated like infallible children that are not held accountable for their choices. And this is where we see the prevalence of a false sense of Entitled Victimhood.

Since all things feminine are to be embraced and not questioned, the flood gates have been opened for women to have “buyer remorse” and be socially compensated for them not taking responsibility for their decisions. The prime examples are divorce and rape allegations, where in one area a woman can regret her decision to make a “lifetime” commitment and can exit the scenario, while the social compensation is a legal system heavily stacked in her favor to claim alimony, child custody, and legal rights to property, assets, ect, whether or not she had any role in acquiring those. One the more extreme end, a guy and girl can both get drunk and have a night drunken sex. The next morning, both of them may regret having done it, but the girl has the social compensation of being able to file a rape allegation against the guy for “taking advantage” of the situation, regardless if she, in that moment, wanted to have sex just as much or more than the guy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that there are not cases where guys are abusive in marriage and the woman wants out, or a guy forces himself upon a girl after having a drink or two. These things do happen and it is unfortunate. I am also not saying that there is a fem-conspiracy that all women are in on. But the current social narrative taught to women is that “men are out to get you, it’s not your fault, you are covered,” almost like a social insurance policy.  I’ve had many conversations with my male friends who constantly tell me about a situation where they thought they had a mutual understanding with a girl, and then the second something did not go the girl’s way, they played the victim card and accused the guy of being malicious, manipulative and completely in the wrong. I’ve seen it quite a few times first hand, and with several of my female friends I’ve had them tell stories, but they will frame it in a way that they are 100% blameless. One example that stands out to me is a girl I dated (and I very loosely use the term “date,” hooked up with is more accurate) tell me about how she was with this ex of hers for a a few years. They broke up, but then they got back together, and she said that the whole time being back together she was depressed and turned to drinking to deal with it. The way she framed the conversation, her ex her source of depression and drove her to drink as an escape. When I pointed out the fact that she consciously chose to get back together with her ex and that no one forced her back into that relationship, she immediately got very defensive and suddenly had a laundry list of personality problems that he had, to which I pointed out that if he really was such a terrible person, why spend years of her life with this guy before the breakup? And again, the conversation never was about her role or responsibility in the scenario, it was always about some problem that stemmed from her ex.

Entitled Victimhood is nothing new…the origins actually date to the civil right era and have manifested in very much the same way with regards to race (oh yeah, I’m not afraid to discuss race). Before you label me a racist I will state for the record that I am black (or african-american, or negro, or whatever you wanna call it), and if you were going to think I was a racist because I was white, I would strongly encourage you to rethink your ideas on that and be truly open-minded, in that the ideas speak for themselves, regardless of the source. Getting back on track, in the minority community, particularly the black community in the USA, Entitled Victimhood has gotten to a point were the stakes are too high to ignore. The idea that “black people can’t be racist but white people totally are” is a social double standard that has no merit. For example, one of the most despised things in the modern era is the concept of “blackface,” and all movies and depictions of it are labeled as racist, vulgar, and backwards. Yet as recently as 2004 we have a movie called “White Chicks” which is the exact same thing, but applied to a different racial group but that’s socially acceptable. “But slavery was a terrible thing, shouldn’t we let minorities vent about the racial tension and horrors they endured?” There’s a time a place, and that ship sailed during the civil rights era. Don’t call Humphrey Bogart a racist for doing a blackface movie and then say the Wayne’s brothers are making “social commentary” when in reality they are doing the exact same thing.

The main reason why Entintiled Victimhood is dangerous with regards to race is the recent rash of “white police officers vs black kids.” If you don’t think that’s an issue, Ferguson nearly burned itself down because of it. Had Michael Brown been White, Asian or Hispanic, would the media have had such a field day? Would there have been such a social uproar? Yes it is an unfortunate situation, but the danger is that it seems people only get into a riot-like, news-worthy frenzy when the the officer involved in a shooting happens to be white and the victim happens to be black. This reinforces the notion of “if you are black the white man is out to get you” narrative that instantly makes any scenario with a bad outcome the result of a grand conspiracy by the enigmatic and all powerful “White man” (or as I picture him, the Architect from the Matrix). What saddens me is that I typed up this draft 2 days before the recent spree of news about anti-police violence (culminating so far in the Dallas police shooting incident).

So where exactly does this leave us? To me, it leaves us in an interesting position as we’re coming to a social and cultural crossroads with things such as the current 2016 Presidential election, Brexit, and ever advancing technology. I think the pendulum is going to do a bit of a back swing because as Hypergamy becomes more open and flaunted, this is forcing the hand of people that are Blue Pill to have a “ah ha!” moment when they realize something is up and what they’ve been raised to believe might be bullshit. For the Red Pill-aware, the pieces can be seen moving into place and maneuvering ahead of them has created a world of opportunity that is literally for the taking. I think it will be interesting to say the least, but overall it will be a good thing. For the unprepared that just want to take the easy road and follow the masses, there will be a lot of shock and pain. For those that see road ahead there will be much to accomplish and conquer. But knowing about how Entitled Victims act and why they do so will help you avoid getting dragged into the weeds and will save you some “this makes no logical sense” frustration from arguments that don’t need to happen to begin with. Or, you could take a lesson from their page book and blame the Architect for your troubles. He did build the Matrix after all.


(No wonder everything tastes like chicken. Col. Sanders built the Matrix)

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