Crazy Pills

“Doesn’t anyone notice this, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills?!?” – Jacobim Mugatu, played by Will Farrell in Zoolander

I was inspired to write this post after going a double date with a friend this past weekend. A little background to set the stage. My friend and I went one of our favorite local hot spots in LA, and I arrived before he did so I made myself comfortable a the bar. My friend wound up having to wait a little bit in line where he struck up a conversation with 3 girls that were also waiting to get in. Once inside it’s pretty evident my friend is interested in the hottest one of the group, leaving me to wing for him with the other two friends. Fortunately one of the friends breaks of for a good 20 or so minutes which gives us ample time to have some solid conversation and get things in motion. Long story short, they wind up leaving early, but I propose a hangout for the following day which the 2 girls we had been talking to seemed excited about. Come the following day, my friend and I setup a hangout at a beach lounge/bar for some cocktails and food. My friend is older than me (38), the girl he is interested in is in her early 40’s. She’s a tall, slim Latina with dark hair, tanned skin and nice figure. She seems to have taken good care of herself and has aged gracefully. Her friend, is average height, curvy, and comes from Guatemala. She has dark hair, big blue eyes, fair skin and a very pleasant smile. She’s just moved to LA 2 weeks ago for work, and she knows the other girl through having worked together previously. We’ll call my friend’s object of interest “Anna” and her friend “Marta.”

Now, the source for the inspiration of this post is not so much the double date itself (spoiler alert – I could tell from the night before it probably wasn’t going to go anywhere but for the sake of my friend we went through it and still had a great time) but more so was a conversation topic that occurred over mojitos and calamari. The topic of previous relationships came up, everyone at the table except for me had been married and is now divorced. What struck me as particularly interesting is when the girls asked me if I had been married or close to it, which I replied no, primarily because I didn’t have much interest in going down that path. Suddenly, the vibe of the conversation shifted for a bit as if I had said that I was the Thunder God Zues incarnate come from the negaverse to purify the world…it became very clear I was not only the odd one out, but also there must be something crazy about me. It’s been pointed out before that shame and isolation make for effective tactics in bringing people back into the Blue Pill Matrix order, and this conversation felt like a very clear case.  The probing question of “Why not?” was posed to me by Anna, to which I responded “I am not sure it’s for me.” That led to a round of interrogation by Anna and Marta, which was entertaining and fascinating to engage in. Many Blue Pill maxims like “You haven’t met the right one yet,” “Are you afraid of commitment?” and “Are you anti-relationship?” popped up. Personally, I am not anti marriage nor anti-relationship, I think these things can be wonderful human experiences. But I do believe they are like driving a car or using a gun, proper training needs to be learned to fully understand the mechanism at work so that one can get the most out of it as well as the dangers.

What really fascinates me about this entire conversation was the fact that there where 3 people, all who had gone down the marriage route, and each one was divorced for seemingly very different reasons. Marta, was almost at 10 years of marriage, but apparently her spouse had an affair which led to the end of their marriage. My friend had been in an almost 3 year marriage before a realized he was in a very toxic relationship and pulled the plug. Anna wasn’t very clear about the reasons for he divorce, but her marriage was almost 7 years before it ended. All of them are more relationship-weary but are very much still looking for another lifetime partner. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. During the conversation we did come up with the idea of a “Drive Thru Divorce,” which is basically a marriage / divorce process switch, in which getting  marriage would be a long, painstaking and expensive process to ensure people really wanted it while divorce would be made quick and easy.

Yet when it came to me who hadn’t gone down that same road nor expressed any desire to do so, I was the “crazy” one. I know for a lot of newly Red Pill guys this can be extremely isolating, because like the humorous video clip above, a Red Pill aware person knows exactly what Mugatu is talking about. For those of you who haven’t seen Zoolander, it’s a pretty entertaining film, but this scene references a male model who has made his career based on several distinct and “unique” looks, but in fact, they all are the exact same look. In a Red Pill context, seeing all of the Blue Pill idealism and mechanism at work that everyone thinks they are doing differently or uniquely, but winds up leading to the exact same outcome, one does feel as if they are taking crazy pills because no one else is noticing the madness. People are day in and day out following the Blue Pill Matrix scheme and when someone else does it and they both end up with the same result, they see the other person’s results as a completely different anomaly, when in reality they other person was operating under the exact same prerogative as themselves. Now in case if you were wondering the day was a solidly fun and entertaining time, and my friend and I continued our day (and night) long after our double date had ended. But the main focus of this post is the conversation, I’ll detail some outings out in future posts.

For those of you experiencing frustration from this, you need to keep in mind a few things. First, frustration is normal but realize that other people have to live their lives and the most positive thing you can do is focus on your own. Second, there is a large community (please checkout the other blogs on my blog roll for more resources) out there that is on the same wavelength, so you have resources and people you can bounce ideas off of and share experiences with. You may feel isolated, but you are far from it since you’re only a few clicks away. You can even reach me directly with a comment on a post. Stay strong, keep improving yourself and maximize your potential,  because the Blue Pill maxims are the real Crazy Pills.

Jacobim Mugatu

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