A Dance With The Dark Side

Vader Close Up

“If you will not turn to the Dark Side… then perhaps she will…” – Darth Vader, Return of the Jedi

I had a very fascinating interaction very recently which inspired this post. It’s always fascinating to see Red Pill principles in action, especially in relation to the Dark Triad traits and the Blue Pill.

Some background: Me and a good friend where hanging at an LA hot spot that we frequent when we wound up chatting up another guy about some business. We all wind up shuffling over to venue next door which is a pretty cool bar. Our new found friend starts chatting these two girls that are sitting at the bar up while we’re grabbing drinks. Seeing an opening, I join into the conversation and as a quick side bar, one of my favorite things is when bro-code clicks. He told them I was his cousin and we played very well off each other. My “cousin’s” other guy friends came to the bar and he moved over to talk with them, while effortlessly my friend that I was hanging with originally joined in. My friend is in his late thirties and is going through a divorce. I used a guessing game to get the ages of these girls, which is turns out they are 21 and 22.

The 21 year old is a petite, pretty black girl from the south. She has a great smile, deep curly hair and an aura of fun about her. We’ll call her “Sasha.” Her friend, is a slightly taller and stunning strawberry blonde. She is fair skinned and hails from Honduras. Let’s call her “Mary.” After some probing, Mary divulges that she does indeed have a boyfriend, despite the aura she was putting out hinting that she was single. To me, this seemed to hint that while she was in a relationship, not all was well and that there more to the story. Now, I am not an advocate of utilizing the Dark Triad aspect of Game. I do think it’s useful to know and be aware of, however as far as deploying it in every situation, it’s not something I go for. If you feel different, that’s your call, I think it can be useful in certain situations but those situations are few and far between. But that’s me. Getting back on track, in this very interesting situation, using some Red Pill questions inadvertently lead to running some light Boyfriend Destroyer Game, which is something I’m not actively a fan of.

I asked Mary how long they have been going out, and she divulged that they had been going out for a year and a half. I mentioned that she didn’t sound too enthused about her situation. She replied at length about how they met, their first few dates, and where they are now. I asked a Red Pill question of “He doesn’t seem to “get it” it, does he?” She responded about how he doesn’t do a lot of the little things to show her appreciation and how she’s frustrated that he doesn’t seem to know what he wants. I responded by telling her that as a man it’s important to take charge of one’s life, but also that there’s certain things he needs to figure out and know without having to have them explained to him when he’s in a long term relationship. Mary seemed surprised and enthusiastically agreed with my response, to which I asked another Red Pill question: “You know there is an expiration date on the relationship and you’re waiting for it to come to an end, correct?” Mary then looked down briefly and back up and and divulged that she was only still hanging in it as a way to get back her boyfriend and has been on the fence about getting out for a few months. Her friend Sasha chimed in saying that she’s told her for months that she should go be free and happy. It’s quite fascinating how a few Red Pill questions can quickly turn into Boyfriend Destroyer Game, which wasn’t my intent. But if it’s the point it naturally leads to, then that’s what the situation is.

At this point my friend hopped into the conversation and gave his thoughts. He mentioned that relationships take hard work and communication, but if two people aren’t on the same wavelength, than they aren’t compatible. Mary took some time to think this over, which led to a little Red Pill – Blue Pill back and forth session of questions. At this point, my goal was not to Game Mary into ending her relationship and coming home with me, but rather to see her reactions to a Red Pill question that scratched at the truthful causes of her situation, and a Blue Pill questions that spoke more to what she wanted to believe. It was really interesting to see first hand. At the end of the night we all exchanged info and agreed to all go out again at some point in the following week.

But at the very least, it can be entertaining to do a little dance with the Dark Side.

Vader Dance


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