Red Pill Misconceptions

True or False

“The misconception that a victory can be worth its price, has in the nuclear age become a total illusion.” – Alva Myrdal

One topic that I don’t think gets address enough are the misconceptions around the Red Pill terminology and what many of these things actually are. The purpose of the Red Pill is to provide a set of tools and guidelines to help you maximize your potential in life, not to be a rigid, set-in-stone mantra that defines everything in black and white. Below is a list of misconceptions seen commonly:

Alpha = Asshole

Red Pill = Alpha

Beta = Out of shape “nerd”

Blue Pill = A pathetic person

Game Aware = Pick Up Artist

Pick Up Artist = Amoral Womanizer

It’s important to remember that these terms are more abstract and not rigid. Many people can be one or more terms in many senses of the word…but that’s what makes it a powerful thing, it’s about how it all applies to you. There are plenty of naturally Alpha guys that are totally Blue Pill but are also upstanding men in there communities. There’s also many Red Pill aware men that are very Beta, where most newly aware men start out.

Self-awareness is really the core issue here, and so with Red Pill awareness you can better figure out how it applies to your life and how you can forge your own path. But if you keep thinking of these terms in a rigidly binary sense, you’ll miss the bigger picture. The Red Pill is a set of tools and how you use those tool is up to you. A lot of life isn’t just black and white, and the same goes for these terms.

Be open minded and forge your own path.


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