Two Quick Text Game Tips


“Today’s kids aren’t taking up arms against their parents; they’re too busy texting them.” – Nancy Gibbs

For this post I wanted to give you guys a few quick and actionable tips for boosting your meetup rates via text. Ever met a girl and everything was clicking, then you get her number, exchanged a few texts and then suddenly it seems like things have cooled off? Here’s a few tips to keep the energy up as well to avoid common ways you accidentally cock block yourself via text.

2. Setup logistics ASAP

One problem most guys get into is that they fall into the “text trap” of idle, irrelevant conversation via text. They ask how her day is going, what she thinks about a certain subject and basically everything but what’s important: finding a time to meetup. Save the small talk for when you’re in person, that way you have things to actually talk about. For initial texting you’ll want to acknowledge that you have her number saved and that you guys should meet up asap (be it later that night, tomorrow or next week) depending on the situation. This leads to the next point…

1. Be decisive and specific when setting up logistics.

A lot of guys typically give vague, general time frames that create no sense of urgency. Usually they’ll say “lets hang some time” or “we can go grab drinks next week.” That’s fine and dandy if you want to have average results. If you want to up your Game to the next level, be a man of decisive action. “Let’s hang this Thursday at bar X” or “We’ll grab drinks tomorrow at 8” are quick, decisive and specific statements that will help improve your conversion rate. Having a specific and time day does a few things:

1) Implies that your availability is limited, which gets the hamster spinning.

2) It’s easier for the girl to adjust her plans as opposed to “sometime next week”…if she’s just met you, unless she’s really, really into you she’s got other stuff going on and isn’t going to keep an entire week free hoping on the off chance you’ll hit her up.

3) It shows you’re a decisive individual that makes quick decisions and reinforces your Frame.

4. You’re not asking, you’re subtly commanding. Instead of saying “sometime next week” which is more of an ask, you’re telling her “it’s this day, be there.” It subtly makes you the prize and as I said before, reinforces your Frame.

I could write an entire dissertation on texting game, but for today I wanted to give a few quick and easy tips to help you right now. If I can help a few of you out then that’s what I’m in it for.

Go out and get it!

Get It.jpeg



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