The Muffin Man

Muffin Man

Do you know the muffin man? – The Muffin Man, Nursery Rhyme

I love to travel, it’s a great experience to sample a different way of life in other cites as well as to absorb the culture and local energy. I’ve also found that travel is the great way to test your game and how well you can adapt it to your environment. This tale comes from a trip to Nashville, which I must admit is an incredibly fun city.

12:40 pm – Arrive in Nashville on a Sunday for a business conference. I wait for a colleague at the airport who is arriving at 12:20 pm so we can go check into our hotel.

1:05 pm – Arrive from the airport to our hotel after an entertaining Uber ride, and check in.

1:15 pm – Meet my colleague in the lobby of the hotel with another colleague so we can walk around and figure out a place to get lunch.

1:20 pm – The first place we pass 1 block from the hotel looks like a good spot, so we hop in there an get settled.

1:25 pm – We are greeted by our waitress, who is this stunning blonde southern belle. She’s about 5’6,” has bright blue eyes, a great body and very cool and friendly attitude. I instantly take full notice of this situation.

1:35 pm – After taking our initial lunch order, I ask where a spry young individual like myself could cause some trouble in town, and the waitress, we’ll call her Belle, proceeds to tell me about a few local spots in downtown that she likes. I take mental notes and continue to flirt here and there throughout lunch.

1:55 pm – We finish lunch and my colleagues get ready to head out. I ask Belle to remind me of the places she mentioned, to which she enthusiastically wrote down a long list on the back of my receipt. I then said to her “This is awesome, I really appreciate it. I’m not sure what you’re up to later tonight, but if you’re free we should meet up. The first round is on me as a thank you for the hospitality.” She happily jots down her digits as well and says “Text me later.” I shuffle out of the restaurant with a smirk as I’ve not even been in the city for 2 hours yet and already have some potential plans for the night.

2:45 pm – I text Belle my info as well as a picture of a cat playing music, which I tell her is my spirit animal and she should use it as my contact photo.

3 pm – Get to the conference, see some colleagues and hash out some business.

4:15 pm – I get a text from Belle with a picture of a cat wearing sunglasses. She lets me know that she’s off work and is heading to hang with some friends, but she’ll let me know once she’s done.

5:45 pm – I text Belle that I am heading to a dinner soon and expect to be free around 7:30.

6:30 pm – I head to dinner with my colleagues.

8:35 pm – I am still at dinner, having a solid time, when I get a text from Belle. She’s with some friends at a rooftop bar in downtown tell me I can join if I want to.

8:45 pm – I let Belle that “I think I’ll have to join once I wrap up dinner.” Belle replies with a simple “Perfect.”

9:15 pm – I text Belle “On my way over.” Belle instantly replies “Sweet. Let me know when you get here!”

9:25 pm – I text Belle that I’ve arrived and make my way up. I get to the rooftop and the venue is pretty active. It’s a Sunday, but there’s a good crowd, 90’s hip-hop music playing and everyone is in a solid mood. I can feel the energy of the night absorbing into me, so I head to the bar and get a drink. At this point, I discovered another perks, which is that the drink prices are half of what they are back in LA, so I know the night has dangerous potential.

9:35 pm – Belle find me at the bar. She had taken the elevator down to the bottom floor while I was going up the stairs and she was looking for me there. I tell her not worry and that she has excellent taste in venues. I also remind her that the first round is on me. We get a round of drinks and she tells me about her background. She used to be a professional back up dancer full time, but now does it part time. We’re hanging for a 30 minutes before three of her friends she was hanging with before come and join up.

10:15 pm – We all hop an Uber over to this gay club that 10 minutes away. We wind up hanging at the bar and Belle gets a round of drinks. This bar is known for their drag queen shows which start at 11 pm. We all have a fun group conversation.

10:40 pm – One of her friends decides to leave, and so as we say our good byes I mention to the other two friends that they might want to walk the third friend out because I had some “secret business” to discuss with their friend. They all head outside while Belle and I stay at the bar and talk for a few minutes. She then says “I’m sure you find people to explore new cities with whenever you’re on the road”. Seeing this shit test for what it was I reply, “I always live in the moment, and being able to share that moment with new people in new places is a beautiful thing.” She then looks at me for a few seconds and then asks “So what do you want to do?” While hold strong eye contact and without saying anything I lean in a kiss her, which leads to some light making out at the bar. 30 seconds after her friends pop back in as the drag show is about ready to start.

11 pm – We watch what turns out to be the most entertaining drag show I’ve ever seen, which included a girl crushing a Justin Timberlake performance.

11:45 pm – We all walk to the club next door for some dancing.

12:15 am – After some dancing I suggest we bounce. Belle and her friends actually express interest in food and Belle suggests this small diner she loves that a block from her house. We all hop into an Uber to grab some grub.

12:25 am – We get to the diner and it’s me, Belle, and her two friends. We get some food and have a random discussion about the places we’ve been and what we would do in hypothetical situations.

12:55 am – After finishing our food, the venue is cash only but I pay the tab since it was dirt cheap and thanked her friends for their hospitality in showing me a good time. Her friends were glad I had a good time and then they took an Uber home after I told them I’d walk Belle back.

1 am – Belle and I get back to her place

3:15 am – I am getting ready to head back to my hotel since I have to be up at 7 for a pre-conference meeting. Belle says “Wait, you can’t just go empty handed.” We go to her kitchen and then she says “Here, take these with you, I had baked them earlier in the day,” as she proceeds to place 4 blueberry muffins into a plastic bag.

3:40 am – I get back to my hotel room and pass out.

7 am – I wake up tired and hungry, but then I crack a smile when I see the blueberry muffins of victory chilling on the desk.

8 am – I arrive at my pre-conference meeting with my colleagues with two muffins in hand for breakfast, and after recapping my evening story they proceed to dub me “The Muffin Man.”


6. Utilize travel game. When traveling, you have an instant play you can make anywhere. Asking locals for suggestions on cool and fun places is a great way to quickly find a spot that suite your style as well as gives you an instant opportunity to invite them along to join. I typically never offer to buy drinks, but it can be a nice way to get the same-day date by offering to get 1 round, especially when you’re traveling.

5. Amplify your Frame to handle travel shit tests. As a guy you always need to be ready for shit tests and need to ensure your Frame is rock solid. When you’re traveling it’s even more important, because the most common shit test you’ll encounter is the “you’re only in town for a short time looking for easy sex” shit test.  Since you are on the road this disadvantage holds more weight, so you need to ensure you don’t let the visiting team throw you off your game.

4. Be open-minded. Going to gay club to watch a drag show is never my first choice of activities to do when traveling, and probably isn’t even on my radar in general. But I kept an open attitude about seeing how the night would unfold and I had a great time with some new friends, as well as being able to keep the same-day date going.

3. Make the most of your time. Since I was only visiting for a quick 3 day trip, I had to hit the ground running and make the most of my time. Hence why when me and Belle met up and her friends joined, it was a better use of time in this case to go with the flow and have a mix of a group/one-on-one date, rather than trying to play ditch the friends game. Her friends were not cock-blocks which helped a lot, and if they had been, it would have been more time-effective to ditch them early.

2. Logistics are clutch. Nashville is a small city, which makes it logistically sound, but always keep logistics in mind. Every spot was a 10 minute drive max that went to which kept the energy going. When the night came near its end going to a diner 1 block away from Belle’s house was clutch because we were literally right next to her place which made for the seamless transition.

1. Nothing beats southern hospitality. I’ve had some great nights out, but to have that much fun with a group of people as well as some amazing one-on-one-time with a really cool girl and the ultimate highlight of having homemade muffins, that’s tough to top. And yes, those muffins were delicious.


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