The Workaround


“Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.” – E. Joseph Cossman

For this post I wanted to share a field report from a recent night out that proved to be a most amusing adventure. I also want to state for the record that this article as well as any article I write is always regarding consensual sex between adults. The number of adults involved may vary (orgies do happen), but the underlying principal is the same. I only condone sex between consenting adults and if you misread anything I say then that’s on you.

This particular evening, I was out and about in one of the beach cities here in SoCal, meeting up with a friend to hang at venue to checkout a band that was playing. apparently this band had a big following so the place was pretty packed. The energy and the vibe was good, and for a local beach scene music venue the crowd was particularly festive.

I had been hanging with a good friend of mine that night, and at various points we had interacted with and flirted with a few group of girls. Toward what I thought was the end of the night, I was hanging at the bar at last call. This girl I had talked to for a few minutes earlier in the night came up to the bar get one last glass of wine. She was a cute blonde with a curvy figure and very stunning green eyes. We’ll call her Kelly. We had previously had a conversation about the merits of the pocket square.

“Topping off?” I said to her as she got a last glass of wine. She smiled and we began conversing again, though this time we covered the topic of how last call in LA is way too early. “Well, my friend and I are thinking of hitting this after hours place,” I said.  “You should join.” Her face lit up with a sparkle of excitement as she replied “Tell me more!”

I told her about this place my friend and I knew of that was open well past 6 in the morning and it was close by to where we were. My friend came and I told him we should hit up after hours with our new tag-along, to which he agreed and went to use the bathroom. Kelly and I went outside by my car and once she saw it we started talking about cars because she worked for a car company. It turns out that she not only new a friend of mine who recently left that company, but she was the person that actual had hired them. After the small world moment and getting a few IOI’s we started making out. I was tempted to text my friend “had to run” but he wound up popping out of the venue right as I was thinking it. We all got into my car and proceeded to the after hours place.

In true after hours fashion, this place was located in an alley way in a business park. I parked and we all got out to see the front door closed. Unknown to us, this spot recently decided it would only be open on Saturdays, and this night was a Friday. After a minute we realized that our hopes for after hours activities where going to be dashed, so we started walking back to my car. Enroute, a large Uber SUV rolled up with a festive group inside. Two guys enthusiastically hoped out excited to get to the after hours spot, but saw that it looked closed. My friend went to strike up a conversation with the the guys and so I told Kelly that we should wait in the car since it was warm.

Hoping into my car, Kelly and I made some small conversation for a minute before I pulled her in to start making out. It started getting a little hot and heavy, when Kelly pulled back with a mischievous smile.

“I’m not that easy,” she said. I smiled back and said “Good…I like coming up with a good workaround.”

We started to make out some more, things got hot and heavy again and then I pulled back and told Kelly to “hold that thought.” I hopped out of my car to ask my friend what the status was. As I was walking towards him, apparently another Uber had rolled up and dropped off 4 girls, that had been looking to find an after hours spot. My friend informed me that the girls knew of an after hours spot out 35 minutes from where we were. I looked at my friend and said “It looks like you have a situation here, and I have a situation in the car. I think this is where we split ways.” My friend concurred and I went back to my car.

“What’s going on with your friend?” Kelly asked.

“He’s ditching us to try another spot across town,” I replied. “But I’ll give you a lift back to your place.”

“Ok,” Kelly replied. “But I’m not sure if I have any booze.”

“Don’t worry,” I replied. “We’ll figure out a workaround.”

Since it was now 3 am, it only took 5 minutes to get back to her place. We got inside and all she had was some rum, a bottle of wine, and a bottle of vodka. I opted for some wine and we got cozy on her couch as she started talking about how she loves traveling and all of the different places she’s been too. We then talked about our favorite hidden gems in different cities, and pretty soon the wine was gone. We started making out again, and then this time I got her topless in a few minutes. After some foreplay she pulled back and said “You can spend the night, but I’m not having sex with you on the first night.”

Seeing this LMR I knew that she really wanted to fuck my brains out, but didn’t want me to think she was some easy slut. I looked at her with a smile and then with a wink I said “I can work with that workaround.” She then led me to her bedroom, where we hopped under the covers and cuddled.

After a few moments, we started making out, and then I reached down to run my hand on the inside of her upper thigh. She let out a soft moan and then playfully said “What are you up to?” I said “I’m working around” as I rubbed her inner thigh a bit more. I then slipped two fingers inside of her wetness. She grabbed my face, looked me dead in the eye and said “I want to fuck you.”

We proceeded to have very passionate and intense sex for the next few hours. The next day as I was leaving she said “You’re persistent…I like that.” I replied back “I like figuring out workarounds,” with a wink.


3. Always have an after party. When out on the night, always have a venue, be it your pad, a friend’s place or an actual after hours venue that you can head to. This keeps the night going as well gives you an arrow in your Game quiver.

2. Sometimes you’ll hit LMR. LMR can happen, as in this case she was literally topless and gave me every signal for sex, but then told me she wasn’t going to have sex on the first night. My gut told me that she didn’t want me to think less of of her, but I kept my cool and went with the flow. Then 2 minutes later she was grabbing me and telling me how badly she wanted to fuck me. When LMR happens, listen to your gut and go with the flow. Throwing a fit or trying to negotiate or beg for sex is unsexy and is the fastest way to turn a girl off. If a girl is making it blatantly clear she’s not into you sexually, then stay cool and back off. It doesn’t matter what led to it, never ever force someone to be sexual without their consent. Go with the flow. If she’s verbally saying “no” but playing with your dick then there’s a solid chance that if you follow the flow you’ll be having sex in no time. But if you’re making out and she suddenly stops, gets distant and says “no,” then chances are somethings changed and sex won’t be happening. Trust your gut and pay attention to the ques she’s giving you.

To quote Dave Perrotta:

“Beating LMR does NOT mean forcing a girl into sex that she doesn’t want. I would NEVER condone that. You should have the ability to tell where the line is in this situation. Instead, beating LMR is more like helping her feel more comfortable with you, getting her turned on, and opening the door for a sexual experience that you’ll both be happy about afterwards.”

1. Stay persistent. This night there where many obstacles to overcome or “work around,” which was the key word. And yes, I actually did say “workaround” a lot that night. Not only was I keeping myself focused, but it also helped translate my intentions and show that I was adaptable to the situation. From the after hours spot being closed to the LMR, staying persistent in finding a workaround paid off nicely.

Stay suave folks.






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