Gay Club Game For Straight Guys

Night Club

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” –  Neale Donald Walsch

In my experience, a very underrated area for a single straight guy to go meet women is at a gay club. I’ve gone with my gay male friends before just hang and have a good time, and I’ve found that being a straight guy you game gets an amplified boost. With halfway decent game your efforts get an amplified effect, so I’ve broken down a few reasons why below. Now note that these observations apply to straight men and straight women.

4. You’re open minded and know how to have fun.

A lot of straight guys get hung up on the “gay” part of the gay club. Either they don’t feel comfortable, it’s not something they wish to be associated with, or there is a host of other reasons. But in any case, by virtue of you being at a gay club signals that you’re open minded and down for a good time. The message you’re translating is that you’re a man comfortable enough with his own sexuality to be in a place that would seem to put you outside of your comfort zone. Use this frame to set the tone for your night.

3. In an ocean of unattainable guys, you are a beacon of attainability.

Why do straight girls go gay clubs? So they can look at hot guys while dancing, having fun and not worrying about anyone hitting on them. They can do a little window shopping, like when people look at homes or cars they can’t afford yet. They want to get a little taste of the dream. That being said, when you have women that are looking at a bunch of attractive men that they know they have no real chance with, but then you come along to and show them that they don’t have to stick to window shopping that night. It’s not always the most shredded 6-pack abs covered in baby oil type guy that gets the girl…sometimes it’s the most attainable guy, who you know, likes girls. Which leads to point #3…

2. Your competition is minimal

This should be self explanatory but I’ll mention this point to reinforce point #3. In a sea of sharks that only want to eat other sharks, this leaves ample amounts of tuna for a shark that wants tuna to eat. Translating that to the gay club, you’ll find that other dudes trying to cockblock or AMOG you with other girls is minimal. At regular clubs you have to deal with those distractions more regularly, but at the gay club you’ll find that other dudes hitting on you will distract you more than other guys trying to compete for the girl you’re going after. The script is flipped, in which girls now have other guys competing to get you, so play with that competitive advantage a little.

1. The environment is a massive wingman

All the prior points outline the fundamental message I want to drive home: The entire place, though not intended to, actually acts as a facilitator and amplifier for your game. Another big help is that gay clubs, in typical guy fashion, are very overt and charged with sexual energy. The entire environment is a giant social Viagra that is designed to get people excited, amped up and turned on. So when you have women entering this sexually supercharged zone with no outlet for it, your job is made a whole lot easier. Do you still need to put in work? Yes, because unless you’re like Leonardo DiCaprio, chances are you can’t just show up and get swarmed by girls (and guys alike). So yes, you will need your game skills but you’ll find they have an amplified effect.

That’s all for this post, so get out there and take over the world gents.


6 thoughts on “Gay Club Game For Straight Guys

  1. This is the slippery slope of depravity.
    Under no circumstance a man should be involved with degenerates of any gender.
    The pursuit of low passions is usually harmful and have sad ends.
    At least my moral compass remains steady.


  2. I am currently Boston-MA based and I’ve tried Gay-Club game and I can tell you that it is fucking difficult to deal with gay cuckblockers. After spending part of the summer hanging out at this particular club I am almost convinced that homosexuality at least in the East Coast is caused by lack of options with the females. Manosphere blogger have been discussing a lot about social conditioning as prime cause of gayness. additionally, HBD guys (black pill bloggers) believe that this virus, but I believe that this is not the case for majority of gay guys. Gays are fucking jealous when you talk to their female friends.
    Best game to play for me is Gutter game at 1:45 am at the entrance of the club, it does not work all the time for a same night lay but it is good for number farming without the hussle of dealing with gay cockblockers.

    cheers mate,



    • Interesting. I have not seen hardcore cockblocking on the west coast and in the south, it might be a more regional difference, I would be curious to see that in action in the east coast area.


  3. But most of the women i know who go to gay bars say they go to GET AWAY from straight dudes. I’ve seen some women get pretty pissed off that straight guys are there. Also, let’s get real – If you are a straight guy and have to resort to a gay bar to pick up women b/c the competition is too tough for you at the hetero bar…then with all due respect, that’s kind of sad.


    • Girls getting pissed at straight guys can happen at any bar, more often than not the reason for them getting pissed will happen regardless of the venue.

      Is going to the gay club sad or effective? Only you can decide based on your own results.


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