Lessons About Alpha Frame From Bryan Cranston


“I don’t think life owes me anything and the business doesn’t owe me anything. The only way to approach it is by working hard and loving what you do. If you do that and have faith, maybe you will get lucky. I mean that sincerely and specifically. I truly believe that no professional career in the arts is capable without a healthy dose of luck.” – Bryan Cranston

I went to a book signing event where Bryan Cranston would be signing his book A Life In Parts as well as having a moderated Q&A session. As a student of life and game, I new it would be a great opportunity to find some great takeaways. Needless to say Cranston did not disappoint, and below are some major takeaways from the 2 hour event.

1. He Owns The Space. Cranston is a bit tall, thin man but not the most physically imposing person. However, when he’s in front of a crowd he completely owns the space with his body language and presence. I’ve seen a lot of famous people living in LA, and I must say that his use of space and presence let everyone know he’s the Alpha in the room. He walks with a purpose, and everywhere he stands, sits, or just is he gives off the vibe that he totally owns the space, and as well the entire room. His body language is relaxed and commanding, which may be a result of stage training as an actor. But in any case, his body language is always on point.

2. Attention Is His Plaything. Being the reason everyone is at the event means that he’s going to be the focus of attention, and he fully embraces it. From the moment he hopped out in front of everyone (yes, he did simply not walk in, he ran in and jumped out) he grabbed all of the focus and attention like a ball and immediately proceeded to play with it. From telling jokes to launching into entertaining stories, Cranston not only has fun with his audience, he also let’s them have fun with him which creates a deeper connection between him and his audience. He uses his Alpha presence to hold the attention he’s receiving, but he keeps a light and playful tone when conversing to keep his presence from being overwhelming. This leads to the next point…

3. He Uses Humility And Genuineness As His Armor. Cranston’s presence is pure Alpha, and the tools behind it are a combination of humility and genuineness. He uses a sense of humility when talking about himself and his experiences to relay his confidence and belief in himself, without seeking validation of approval from the audience. This solidifies his Alpha presence is that his is self-assured but not arrogant, which is the perfect armor for the Alpha. He then takes this to another level by bringing out a raw sense of genuineness, especially when engaging people one on one, which not only allows people to relate and connect with him, but also commands respect because you get a clear understanding of who he is. For example, when I went to get my book copy signed, he looked me in the eyes and said “I sincerely hope you enjoy the book. I’m grateful for the support.” It was a genuine sentiment that showed that he was thankful, but also at the same time it all was within the context of his Frame. Speaking of…

4. His Frame Is Airtight. Cranston’s Frame is by far one of the most impressive examples I’ve witnessed from anyone, as he always holds the Frame. About 20 minutes into the Q&A, this woman in the front row accidentally had her phone go off. While the distraction was entertaining, Cranston walked up to her, took her phone and then said “Let’s see what we have here.” He then pretended to scroll through her phone and then showed her how to put it on silent, before causally strolling back to his chair as if he was a professor giving a class a lecture. Nothing operated outside of his Frame, not even unexpected interruptions.

Those where the main takeaways I got from a fascinating 2 hours. I am a fan of Cranston’s acting, as he’s owned the role of Walter White from the iconic Breaking Bad, but has also done some great work in the comedy space as well. Often times with actors they portray these Alpha characters but their real presence is very much the opposite. In this case, Cranston is legitimate the real-deal, and there’s a lot that can be learned about Alpha Frame from observing him. Fame is the ultimate game, but having a true alpha presence take that to the next level. He really is “the one who knocks.”


The Muffin Man

Muffin Man

Do you know the muffin man? – The Muffin Man, Nursery Rhyme

I love to travel, it’s a great experience to sample a different way of life in other cites as well as to absorb the culture and local energy. I’ve also found that travel is the great way to test your game and how well you can adapt it to your environment. This tale comes from a trip to Nashville, which I must admit is an incredibly fun city.

12:40 pm – Arrive in Nashville on a Sunday for a business conference. I wait for a colleague at the airport who is arriving at 12:20 pm so we can go check into our hotel.

1:05 pm – Arrive from the airport to our hotel after an entertaining Uber ride, and check in.

1:15 pm – Meet my colleague in the lobby of the hotel with another colleague so we can walk around and figure out a place to get lunch.

1:20 pm – The first place we pass 1 block from the hotel looks like a good spot, so we hop in there an get settled.

1:25 pm – We are greeted by our waitress, who is this stunning blonde southern belle. She’s about 5’6,” has bright blue eyes, a great body and very cool and friendly attitude. I instantly take full notice of this situation.

1:35 pm – After taking our initial lunch order, I ask where a spry young individual like myself could cause some trouble in town, and the waitress, we’ll call her Belle, proceeds to tell me about a few local spots in downtown that she likes. I take mental notes and continue to flirt here and there throughout lunch.

1:55 pm – We finish lunch and my colleagues get ready to head out. I ask Belle to remind me of the places she mentioned, to which she enthusiastically wrote down a long list on the back of my receipt. I then said to her “This is awesome, I really appreciate it. I’m not sure what you’re up to later tonight, but if you’re free we should meet up. The first round is on me as a thank you for the hospitality.” She happily jots down her digits as well and says “Text me later.” I shuffle out of the restaurant with a smirk as I’ve not even been in the city for 2 hours yet and already have some potential plans for the night.

2:45 pm – I text Belle my info as well as a picture of a cat playing music, which I tell her is my spirit animal and she should use it as my contact photo.

3 pm – Get to the conference, see some colleagues and hash out some business.

4:15 pm – I get a text from Belle with a picture of a cat wearing sunglasses. She lets me know that she’s off work and is heading to hang with some friends, but she’ll let me know once she’s done.

5:45 pm – I text Belle that I am heading to a dinner soon and expect to be free around 7:30.

6:30 pm – I head to dinner with my colleagues.

8:35 pm – I am still at dinner, having a solid time, when I get a text from Belle. She’s with some friends at a rooftop bar in downtown tell me I can join if I want to.

8:45 pm – I let Belle that “I think I’ll have to join once I wrap up dinner.” Belle replies with a simple “Perfect.”

9:15 pm – I text Belle “On my way over.” Belle instantly replies “Sweet. Let me know when you get here!”

9:25 pm – I text Belle that I’ve arrived and make my way up. I get to the rooftop and the venue is pretty active. It’s a Sunday, but there’s a good crowd, 90’s hip-hop music playing and everyone is in a solid mood. I can feel the energy of the night absorbing into me, so I head to the bar and get a drink. At this point, I discovered another perks, which is that the drink prices are half of what they are back in LA, so I know the night has dangerous potential.

9:35 pm – Belle find me at the bar. She had taken the elevator down to the bottom floor while I was going up the stairs and she was looking for me there. I tell her not worry and that she has excellent taste in venues. I also remind her that the first round is on me. We get a round of drinks and she tells me about her background. She used to be a professional back up dancer full time, but now does it part time. We’re hanging for a 30 minutes before three of her friends she was hanging with before come and join up.

10:15 pm – We all hop an Uber over to this gay club that 10 minutes away. We wind up hanging at the bar and Belle gets a round of drinks. This bar is known for their drag queen shows which start at 11 pm. We all have a fun group conversation.

10:40 pm – One of her friends decides to leave, and so as we say our good byes I mention to the other two friends that they might want to walk the third friend out because I had some “secret business” to discuss with their friend. They all head outside while Belle and I stay at the bar and talk for a few minutes. She then says “I’m sure you find people to explore new cities with whenever you’re on the road”. Seeing this shit test for what it was I reply, “I always live in the moment, and being able to share that moment with new people in new places is a beautiful thing.” She then looks at me for a few seconds and then asks “So what do you want to do?” While hold strong eye contact and without saying anything I lean in a kiss her, which leads to some light making out at the bar. 30 seconds after her friends pop back in as the drag show is about ready to start.

11 pm – We watch what turns out to be the most entertaining drag show I’ve ever seen, which included a girl crushing a Justin Timberlake performance.

11:45 pm – We all walk to the club next door for some dancing.

12:15 am – After some dancing I suggest we bounce. Belle and her friends actually express interest in food and Belle suggests this small diner she loves that a block from her house. We all hop into an Uber to grab some grub.

12:25 am – We get to the diner and it’s me, Belle, and her two friends. We get some food and have a random discussion about the places we’ve been and what we would do in hypothetical situations.

12:55 am – After finishing our food, the venue is cash only but I pay the tab since it was dirt cheap and thanked her friends for their hospitality in showing me a good time. Her friends were glad I had a good time and then they took an Uber home after I told them I’d walk Belle back.

1 am – Belle and I get back to her place

3:15 am – I am getting ready to head back to my hotel since I have to be up at 7 for a pre-conference meeting. Belle says “Wait, you can’t just go empty handed.” We go to her kitchen and then she says “Here, take these with you, I had baked them earlier in the day,” as she proceeds to place 4 blueberry muffins into a plastic bag.

3:40 am – I get back to my hotel room and pass out.

7 am – I wake up tired and hungry, but then I crack a smile when I see the blueberry muffins of victory chilling on the desk.

8 am – I arrive at my pre-conference meeting with my colleagues with two muffins in hand for breakfast, and after recapping my evening story they proceed to dub me “The Muffin Man.”


6. Utilize travel game. When traveling, you have an instant play you can make anywhere. Asking locals for suggestions on cool and fun places is a great way to quickly find a spot that suite your style as well as gives you an instant opportunity to invite them along to join. I typically never offer to buy drinks, but it can be a nice way to get the same-day date by offering to get 1 round, especially when you’re traveling.

5. Amplify your Frame to handle travel shit tests. As a guy you always need to be ready for shit tests and need to ensure your Frame is rock solid. When you’re traveling it’s even more important, because the most common shit test you’ll encounter is the “you’re only in town for a short time looking for easy sex” shit test.  Since you are on the road this disadvantage holds more weight, so you need to ensure you don’t let the visiting team throw you off your game.

4. Be open-minded. Going to gay club to watch a drag show is never my first choice of activities to do when traveling, and probably isn’t even on my radar in general. But I kept an open attitude about seeing how the night would unfold and I had a great time with some new friends, as well as being able to keep the same-day date going.

3. Make the most of your time. Since I was only visiting for a quick 3 day trip, I had to hit the ground running and make the most of my time. Hence why when me and Belle met up and her friends joined, it was a better use of time in this case to go with the flow and have a mix of a group/one-on-one date, rather than trying to play ditch the friends game. Her friends were not cock-blocks which helped a lot, and if they had been, it would have been more time-effective to ditch them early.

2. Logistics are clutch. Nashville is a small city, which makes it logistically sound, but always keep logistics in mind. Every spot was a 10 minute drive max that went to which kept the energy going. When the night came near its end going to a diner 1 block away from Belle’s house was clutch because we were literally right next to her place which made for the seamless transition.

1. Nothing beats southern hospitality. I’ve had some great nights out, but to have that much fun with a group of people as well as some amazing one-on-one-time with a really cool girl and the ultimate highlight of having homemade muffins, that’s tough to top. And yes, those muffins were delicious.


What Time Is It? It’s Cockblock O’Clock


“We shouldn’t be cock-blocking McLovin, we should be guiding his cock.” – Officer Michaels, Superbad

No matter how solid your game is or experienced you become, you’re going to run into cockblocks. Sometimes they are in the form of a well-meaning friend, a hostile person, or a specific scenario. This story I’m going to share with you is one about a situational cockblock, how to play it and what the takeaways are.

The Situation

I was at a local hot spot that my good friend and me frequent a lot. The place has great food, great drinks, and plenty of talent to boot. I know all of the staff at the venue, from the general manager to the bouncers, the bartenders to the hostesses. My friend and I get in, do some flirting with the hostesses and then get settled. We actually have a few other friends there, much to our delightful surprise. We grab some beverages and are involved in a conversation around Burning Man (my one friend just came back from it that day), when I see this older woman (about 45+) sitting at the bar close by where I am by herself. Though she’s older, she looks really good, you couldn’t tell that she was older from afar, only by getting closer could I tell. I sit in the seat next to her as she’s looking over the drink menu and I tell her if she needs a suggestion I have a few go-to recommendations. She responds pleasantly with nice southern accent and we hit it off.

We start talking and I find out she’s visiting from New Orleans  for the weekend. We flirt playfully back and forth and from our conversation she drops hints that she’s been a bit of a wild child back in her day. My other friends that where close by saw the situation was looking prime and was giving me nods of approval. With a this situation looking like I’ll be leaving the venue shortly, I’m feeling great and excited to see just what comes of it.

After about 15 minutes of conversation and heavy flirting, I finally ask why she’s visiting this particular place. She responds with a bit of a bombshell:

“My daughter works here.”

Time seemed to freeze for a quick second, because I am very tight with the staff, they are like my night life family, so I quickly processed the implications of my present situation. While that was happening over the course of 5 milliseconds, her saying that phrase must have put something out in the universe because sure enough, 1 minute later 2 of the hostesses come over (one was the daughter, who is very hot herself). The daughter greats her mom and says she wanted to check in on her to make sure she was good. This is one of those situations where I played it super cool on the outside, but on the inside I was laughing at myself and also thinking about how both of them would be fun to experience, but the internal laughter was far greater.

The daughter and other hostess leave and then 2 minutes later one of the bouncers comes over to “check in on mom.” At this point I knew getting the lay would not be worth the complications it would cause for me at the venue, which has provided for me many times, and these “check ins” continued from the staff over the next 10 minutes. Seeing that I was dealing with a situational cockblock, I switched my mindset from flirt mode into friend mode, and brought in with my larger group of friends.

We had a fun time exchanging crazy stories and discussing the best kinds of drinks. At midnight, the daughter’s shift ended and so she left with her mom, though the mom made it very clear she was “very glad to meet me” and my friends where asking me why I was not leaving with her. I gave them the full story and we all had a great laugh, to which my one friend commented that “I don’t come here that often so I’d be more than happy to play daddy. We had another great laugh and then this brunette girl caught and her friend caught my attention. I went over to them and struck up a quick conversation, which lead to them leaving with my friend and me to hang at an after hours cafe.


4. It’s not you, it’s the situation. The key is realizing that the situation is a cockblock, as in this example. See the situation for what it is and that will inform your next move…

3. Just because you can get it, doesn’t mean you always should. While it was clear that with a little work, I could overcome the situational cockblock and get the notch, what wold be the true cost of that notch? I get the royal treatment at this venue night after night, and so getting this notch could cause a bit of a disruption in that. It’s not worth it, especially considering the next takeaway…

2. Always keep the abundance mentality. Yes, there was a slam dunk in front of me, but by keeping the abundance mentality and not seeing this 1 girl as my only shot for sex that night, I was able to have a great time, keep things sold with the venue staff and then meet two other girls shortly after.

1. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Situational cockblocks suck, but they are certainly learning experiences that you can look back and laugh on, sometimes laugh at in the moment. It’s all in good fun.

Be sure to follow this blog for more content, tips and entertaining stories. Leave a comment to share your own stories. Cheers.

Laugh it up


Have Your Cake And Eat It Too


“But of course you can have your cake and eat it, too – if you decide to to bake a second cake. And you may well find that baking two cakes does not take twice the work of baking one.” – Robert Kuttner 

It has been said that you can’t have your cake and eat it to, so for this post I thought I’d share a story of mine that’s related very much to the topic and the Red Pill takeaways from it. Spoiler alert – I did have my cake, I did eat it too and it was delicious.

Two years ago I had met this girl while out partying one random night near the beach. That night was pretty crazy, I wound up somehow partying with NBA player Deandre Jordan from the Clippers at his VIP table setup in the middle of this club. That part is neither here nor there, because I met this girl as I was heading out from the venue. I had popped to the outside patio with a buddy of mine, who had just shown up, and we had a third friend that wanted to meet up at a place across the street. I was game to change venues, the night was winding down, I had grabbed a few phone numbers, and since I was at the table of an NBA player, every girl there was ready to jump his bones. There are nights when you’re the top dog of the venue, and then there are other nights when a bigger fish comes into the pond. It’s just the ebb and flow of going out, and tonight was one of those nights.

As we were making our way out, this cute brunette caught my eye and she had a blonde friend that was with her. The brunette was half white half Latina mixed, had nice deep brown eyes and a nice petite figure. I struck up a quick conversation with the brunette, while my friend talked with the blonde. After about 5 minutes, I told the brunette that we were heading out, but they should join us for an after hours hangout, to which she responded that she would see, since her and her friend were with a larger group that was celebrating a birthday. I gave her a hug goodbye and she leaned in and kissed me, then said “I’m a tease,” with a wink and me and my friend left.

That night she told me her and the birthday group were calling it around 2am, which was fine since my friends and I were having a pretty serious conversation that night. I told her we would link up in the near future to which she replied she’d like that, and I left the conversation at that. Fast forward two weeks later, I hit her up and we wind up going out on a Friday night. I arrive a her place and meet her by the front door, and then we head over to a dance club that’s a 3 minute drive from her house.

We get inside the dance club and the atmosphere is pretty good. The tunes are solid, there’s a decent crowd out and the line at the bar is short. We grab a few beverages and chit chat about a few random items. At this point my sense is that she’s interested with a little hesitation, but also it’s early in the night. After about a half hour of dancing I pull her over to a booth so we can have a little more of an intimate conversation. We start the “people watching game” and we notice a group of people with balloons there celebrating a birthday. I mentioned how it was my birthday last week, to which she asked “What kind of cake did you have?”

I replied with “I actually never got a cake.”

She looked surprised and said “It was your birthday, by law you need to have cake.”

I replied, “I agree. Can you bake?”

She replied, “You bet I can. I could bake you the best cake you’ve ever had if I had the ingredients.”

I took a quick moment, looked at her with a devious smirk, and said, “Let’s go get some.”

She looked a little surprised and said “Right now?”

I finished my drink, set it down, grabbed her hand and said, “Field trip time.”

I walked her back to my car and we then drove up the street to the super market. We browsed through the baking section and I let her take the charge in gathering the cake supplies. She picked out a funfetti cake mix while I grabbed a bottle of wine. We went to the checkout counter and she commented “I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

I just smirked and replied “You gotta be spontaneous.”

We then go back to her house and we cracked open the wine. She put on some music videos while putting the cake making supplies in the kitchen, and then come over to share a glass of wine. At that point I went in for a make out session, then she was topless and we wound up in her bedroom a few minutes later.

The next morning, I left her house near sunrise, and since she lived a block away from the beach I took a nice drive up the coast on the way home. We exchanged a few texts over the next couple of days and then the following weekend we setup a time to meet. I met her at her house again and we walked a few blocks to the movie theater to see Straight of Compton. After the movie we went back to her place were she said she had something for me. Low and behold, there was a fresh baked funfetti cake waiting for me on her dining table. We each had a slice, and to her credit it was really delicious. We wound up hooking up again and this time when I left her place I had a funfetti cake in hand.


1. Logistics are key. The dance club, the store and her house were all within 5 minute of each other which made it a breeze to bounce from one spot to another with ease and without losing any momentum. Always plan your dates/hangouts around easy logistics, especially when it’s the first through third time, after that you can do more extended trips.

2. Always have situational awareness. Beware of your surroundings, as you never know when an opportunity may present itself. Playing the people watching game is a great way to do this. By doing this, I was able to notice the other birthday group which leads me to takeaway 3…

3. Be ready to take the lead at a moments notice. You should already be taking the lead in these situations regardless, but as I mentioned about opportunities presenting themselves, you need to be ready move at a moment’s notice. When she mentioned that she was great at baking, I seized the opportunity to lead her to the store to get the supplies and then to lead her back to her house. If you’re a man worth her time and affection, then you have to be a leading man. Take the lead.

4. Be open minded. Many of the best dates/hangouts I’ve had are ones that are completely unconventional and unique. Going from a dance club to the supermarket to get cake supplies is a very random night, but it happened and it worked extremely well because it was a unique, off the wall story that I’m sure she’d never experienced before (nor had I at that point). But it only happened because I was open to seeing where the night would go.

5. Funfetti cake is delicious, especially when it’s a victory cake.

That’s all for today, thanks for reading and hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought (no pun intended…or is it?). If you enjoy my writing please subscribe or checkout my other articles or leave me a note in the comments sections.

Now go out and get all that life has to offer.

Cake 2

The Lesbian


“I’m in lesbians with you” – Scott Pilgrim, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

When you have many experiences with women, you will get some interesting situations and have some interesting conversations. You’ll also get shit tested in some interesting and unique ways and this story is about one of the most interesting shit tests I have ever received.

I was at an alumni event at my old college when I had met this 23 year old Latina. She’s a very cute, petite girl with a great figure and sexy eyes. I had given her my business card when we met since the setting was more professional at the event. She texted me later that night saying it was great to meet me. A week later I hit her up about hanging out, to which she responded with:

“Wait, are you asking me out? I’m pretty dense about that kinda of stuff”

My response was “I didn’t realize “hangout” was such a loaded term.”

I can already get a sense that this girl might be the the type to shit test a lot, so I decided to play it very casual and ambiguous to see where this would go. After a few other texts, we setup a time to meet up for hang out a few days later. Now since this was a first encounter and based on the texting there seemed like a lot of shit testing was going to be involved, I decided it would be best to meet on the early side, around 7 pm so that way I could go over for a Netflix and chill session after with another girl that I’ve hooked up with before who also lives in the area around 9:30.

I told the Latina to met up at a lounge I like and I get there about 2 minutes before her. We get seated at a table in a good spot in the lounge, which lets us see out onto the street and makes for great people watching. We exchange a little small talk about how her week went and then about 3 minutes into the conversation I get hit with a shit test that’s way out of left field. She perks up, looks me directly in the eyes and says:

“Just so you know, I’m a lesbian.”

Straight out of left field. No warning, just right into it. I knew this was a pivotal shit test moment, where right off the bat I was being thrown towards the fire to see if I would flinch. In my head I laughed a bit because based on all of the back and forth that led to this meeting, I wasn’t buying it at all. I also had not been hit with this exact shit test out of the blue before either, which was partly entertaining and partly exciting as it represented a new challenge. Without skipping a beat I casually replied:

“That’s awesome.”

She looked a bit surprised at my response. I delivered my response while maintaining my relaxed yet commanding posture, and the tone of my voice was casual. Then I followed up with: “I love me some lesbians.”

She paused for a minute, as her hamster tried to process my responses. She then went on a little bit about her family and how she’s never had a boyfriend. The conversation continued with her doing 90% of the talking, and I could tell based on how I handled the shit test, she was now trying to qualify herself to me. We where talking for another 10 or so minutes when she asked me a question:

“What are you doing after this?”

I believe honesty is the best armor you can have, it keeps you free and also can be a great way to show off an IDGAF attitude when used strategically. Since I had been hit with big shit test out of left field, I decided to throw out one of my own, to see how she reacted to it:

“I’m going to see another girl.”

She had this completely shocked look on her face and instantly asked “What do you mean?”

I replied, “It’ll probably be a Netflix and chill situation. We have a thing that when I see her I’m with her, but when I don’t, I’m not.” I could see the hamster going into overdrive in her head as she was contemplating this news I had relayed. I just sat comfortably while holding eye contact and smirking. My posture was saying “This is the deal, are you with it or not?” She then asked me a few questions about my past relationships, to which I replied that I like to keep things very open so I can experience as many people as possible. She continued on about her thoughts on relationships as we finished our drinks.

About 20 minutes later we wrapped up at the lounge and I took for for a stroll around the down town area. Part of the stroll included a stop at an adult shop. While we were in there she asked me if I had a “Christian Grey Room,” to which I replied “Every room I enter is a Christian Grey room.” I could see a little twinkle in her eye as her hamster began spinning on the implications of what I had said.

After the sex shop I took her to the outside patio of a cigar lounge and we sat there for a bit, discussing random things. We began making out for a bit and then I checked the time. It was 9:15 so it was time to go see my Netflix and chill girl. We said our goodbyes and and she said that we should hang again, which I causally agreed would be cool. That was the start of a very fun situation, in which a week later I’d discover she was a squirter in the back of my car, as well as how to utilize Frame to keep things as a casual hook up for the past 7 months now.


1. Women will shit test you all the time and in ways you’ll never expect. Always be on your top game and always be ready. You never know exactly how these test will come, but they are coming. Usually the more insecure the girl, the more shit tests you will face. Know who you’re dealing with so you have can anticipate what you’ll have to deal with.

2. Hold Frame. I’ve said it many times before, but Frame is absolutely critical. Without it, I would have been crucified by her shit test. But with it, I was able to work the situation to my advantage.

3. Honesty will set you free. Using strategic honesty, you can be free to be yourself while seeing if she’s down to enter your world and come along for the ride, or if she will fight you tooth and nail every step of the way. By flat out telling this Latina that I was seeing another girl after her, I was free to let her know that I have options and if she is on board with entering my world she’s welcome, if not, she can go her own way and I’ll be fine. It also gives me the freedom to see multiple people without having to feel like I’m sneaking around behind everyone’s back because I’m out in the open with what the situation is. Obviously you don’t need to blab the full truth of your family life or other things, but being honest about what you want and who you are at the right times will work in your favor far more than trying to hide it.

4. Use your own shit tests. For guys we typically call this screening, but don’t be afraid to use some shit tests of your own. This does 2 things. 1) It flips the script and makes YOU the prize, not the guy chasing after her affections. 2) This is a way to qualify how well into your Frame she’ll come into and well as give you better insight into who she is as person. Is she a chill, go with the flow type? Or she the type that has a snarky negative comment about everything? Just as girls use shit tests to expose if a guy is Alpha or not, you need to use shit tests to see if any girl you are with is the type of girl you want to be with.

5. Work the hamster. A girl’s imagination is the most powerful thing you can play with and utilize. Work it often and work it well. Let her imagination take her to a conclusion you lead her to. Too many times guys are just matter-o-factly about things which leaves no room for imagination. Do you want to drive a girl wild with passion and desire? Do you want her to get wet at the thought of a spontaneous encounter of intimacy between you two? Then learn how to use innuendo, flirting, and ambiguity to get her imagination working. If you don’t, you’ll find the girls you go out with will be dryer than the Sahara desert during a drought. In this example, I used these things to keep her hamster constantly going so that by the time our 2nd encounter happened, we where going at it in the back of my car in an alleyway close to her house.

If I’ve given you some good takeaways you can use while entertaining you, then my goal is complete. Go out there and conquer the world friends.


You’re Not Spending The Night

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“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” – Napoleon Hill

For this post I wanted to share a quick story from an experience I had and some of the Red Pill takeaways. At the very least, it’s an entertaining tale that resulted in an awkward conversation with my dry cleaners the next day.

I was out in Downtown with a couple of friends for a buddies “going away” hangout session at this cool little bar/store. I put “going away” in quotes because our friend was from the east coast, but was going away for 2 months back home because he was between work contracts here on the west coast. As I get into the place, I notice two girls at the other end of the bar. One is a brunette, about 5’6″ at a glance, and her friend is a solid 6 feet. The brunette was cute, she looked white but with a hint of something mixed in. She had a petite figure and she projected a chill vibe. The blonde was thin and athletic looking. She had a very pretty face and long curly hair and very bright blue eyes. I could pick up on her energy from across the bar and it intrigued me. I thought to myself “there could be some potential here, especially with the tall one.” I do love tall girls, and as a tall guy myself (I’m well over 6 feet) it’s not as common to come across them so I seize the moment when possible.

Me and my friends had been hanging for about 20 minutes, when I decide it’s time see what the deal with these others girls is. I walk over to the both of them and ask them what type of liquor is easiest to get into trouble with. The brunette says beer and the blonde’s eyes light up as she says “Tequila of course.” I give the blonde a high-five and enthusiastically stated “correct answer,” and then proceed to introduce myself. I then introduced the girls to my 3 other guy friends and then proceed to engage both of them in a conversation about different types of alcohol. About 2 minutes in I notice the blonde girl has a few tattoos, one is a feather on her left arm and the other is a Hindi-inspired pattern on her chest. I ask her about the tattoo on her arm and she tells me the story of how she likes that feathers are the tool that makes flight possible and that they have a look that resonates with her. She also tells me that she’s into photography and painting, to which I say that I will have to see some of her work. I ask her what part of town she’s from and it turns out she is roommates with the brunette and lives 1 block away from the bar we’re at.

About 10 minutes later I’ve gotten my group and the two girls to close out their tabs and I tell the blonde that I really need to see her artwork. She agrees that we all can come over for and hang for a bit. As we walk over to her place I take the opportunity to grab her hand. She gives me the “I know what you’re doing look” and proceeded to lead us to her house. My friends and her roommate fall behind, so when we get in front of her door with a few free minutes, I pull her in for a deep, passionate kiss. She then gives me the “the look,” that look that says “I really like you but now I need to justify hooking up with you to myself” so she says to me “You can hang, but you’re not spending the night.” I channel my inner Han solo and with a smirk reply with: “I know.” Suddenly my friends and her roommate get to the front door and we all go up to the girl’s loft.

Inside we all get cozy in the loft, they have a large lounge sofa aka daybed and a few stool chairs in their main room. The girls proceed to get us some wine and my friends keep talking with the brunette and I continue to converse with the tall blonde. At some point she mentions that she’s a yoga teacher and capoeira instructor, and that sometimes she does performances. I forget how, but somehow that led to her getting a small vile of glittery gold body paint and opening it to put a little bit on my wrist. She accidentally spilled a bit on my arm and suit jacket, to which I just chuckled that “My dry cleaners are going to want some serious explaining for this one.”

Over the next 20 minutes my friends take off one by as it’s now 2:15 in the morning. So now it’s just me and the two the girls. The brunette makes her way to her room and says she’s getting ready for bed. Once she’s gone me and the blonde start making out passionately. After a minute, she pulls back to look me in the eyes. She says “I’m serious, you can’t spend the night.” I keep eye contact with her and with a playful smirk I reply “Works for me.” I then lead her over to the daybed and proceed to get intimately familiar with the tattoo in the middle of her chest. It was a fun and passionate time we had, she was enthusiastically energetic and very, very flexible. She was one of the naturally wettest girls I have ever encountered and her vagina tasted exquisite, I am not sure what her diet was, but whatever she did eat, bless her for it, because her flavor was delicious.

Sadly I had to cut the activities short at 2:50am because the garage with my car closed at 3am and I had no idea when it reopened or where they would tow my car. As I was getting dressed and departing, I caught her slipping her business card into my jacket packet so I would have her number, to which I said to her “This needs to happen again. Let me get your number and I’ll call you.” I wound up seeing her a few times after that for some fun and adventurous nights (and yes I did actually call her…strange concept today but it can help you standout) and she still holds my current record for fastest from intro-to-hooking-up at 1 hour.


1. Approach. If a girl(s) catch your eye, always go up and approach. The approach is a victory in of itself and you never know what might result from it. If you don’t approach, nothing will happen, so be a man of action and make something happen.

2. Logistics. Logistics are your best friend or can be your biggest cock block. Fortune smiled upon me that night as she literally was 1 block away, but then they became my enemy as I had to cut the first night short due to my car potentially being locked in and towed from the garage. Always be mindful of the logistics.

3. The Rule of 2. Girls out in pairs tend to be more open to meeting, flirting and tend to be more DTF. Always look for pairs.

4. Stay Persistent and Hold Frame. We only made it to her house because I suggested we look at her art. She also shit tested me multiple times with the same line of “you’re not spending the night.” But by holding Frame and not getting side tracked by this, I was able to close the deal. And no, I didn’t spend the night either so it all worked out.

Use the takeaways from this story as a reminder for yourself or as a new idea for your own Game arsenal. Go out and live it up.

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Hustling The Hustler


“The thief steals from himself. The swindler swindles himself. For the real price is knowledge and virtue, whereof wealth and credit are signs. These signs, like paper money, may be counterfeited or stolen, but that which they represent, namely, knowledge and virtue, cannot be counterfeited or stolen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sometimes you go out and you have fun. Other times you go out and have an experience that makes for an exceptional night. This story is one of those times. A good friend of mine and I were out at our favorite hot spot in LA. We’ve been going to this place for almost a year now because they have great food, amazing drinks, the perfect atmosphere and the staff is incredible.

We get in, grab some dinner and drinks and are having a merry time. We wanted to have a fun night to cap an already fun weekend, so our energy was high and contagious. Mixed and mingled with several groups of people, bought a few cool girls that where hanging with us drinks (we didn’t expect anything in return and they turned out to be very fun) and even wound up doing shots with the manager and one of our favorite bar tenders.

Toward 1am we go to the bar to close out our tab so we could go to another spot close by with some of the waitresses and girls we had met that night. At the end of the bar was this group of women in their 40’s that were dancing and looked like they where having a good time. As we got the bar tender to get our tab, one of the women came next to me and asked about how to get the bartender’s attention. I replied that I could get it, but that usually involved him just bringing trouble. I asked her what she planned to order as her other friend come over and she told me that she was probably going with some champagne or wine. I told her that I would suggest getting the bar’s specialty cocktail.

Her friend: “So, you buying a round of drink for us?”

Now this tipped my spidey-sense that these ladies, though older, were still trying to run girl game into getting free drinks. I had done a quick scan of their left hands and indeed, they each has large wedding rings on them. I’ll buy a drink under the right conditions, but having a married woman blatantly try to get them from me is not one of them.

Me: “I don’t know you guys that well, so I don’t think so.” I said it in a playful but firm tone. This was a test of Are you Beta? Will you let us exploit you?

The bar tender came over to take their order and the girl I was conversing with ordered 1 glass of champagne and two glasses of wine. When the bar tender asked if they needed anything else, I told them they should try the house cocktail as I closed out my tab. The girl then told the bar tender that she’d try the house cocktail. The bartender come back with 2 of them.

Woman: “We’re going to need a 3rd since there are 3 of us.” The bartender made a third one and brought it over. He then brought out a printed tab, since it had been last call.

Bartender: “Thank you ladies, that will be $50.”

The woman put on a stunned face.

Woman: “These guys should be paying for these.”

Bartender: “I heard you order these.”

She then shot me and my friend a look. At this point we had a choice: Be coerced into paying for drink we did not order, or let her deal with a situation that she created. We looked back at her firmly and unflinchingly to signal that we would not be taken advantage of. In disbelief she turned back to the bartender.

Woman: “Do you know these guys?”

Bartender: “I do. They are stand up guys. If you want I can get security and we can sort this out.”

Woman: “Get the manager.”

At this point my friend an I remained calm at the bar, standing against it relaxed and silent, waiting to see how it all was going to unfold.

Manager: “What’s the problem?”

Woman: “These guys ordered drinks for me and they are trying to get out of paying for them.”

Manager: “Well I know these guys, and they are stand up guys, so we’re going to need you to resolve this.”

She looked stunned and shocked, and seemed offended that no one was immediately taking her side.

Woman: “Well I’m not paying for these.”

Manager: “Ok, they we’ll buy them.” He then reached over and took all of the drinks back behind the bar. This infuriated the woman as she turned to my friend and me.

Woman: “You two are the most classless scoundrels I have ever encountered out of any country I have been to.”

Me: “Excellent, I was going for the record.”

My friend waved a bouncer over.

My friend: “Can you please take this away?”

The bouncer came up next to the woman.

Bouncer: “Time to go.”

He then escorted her outside and her friends joined her there.

The 3 Takeaways:

1) Hold Frame

By holding Frame and not relinquishing it, we did not allow this woman to coerce us into paying for her drinks. There have been times in the past when my friend and I would have allowed ourselves to be guilted into paying for drinks like chumps. But by holding Frame we established that we are not some random suckers that will be taken advantage of and we will not part with our hard earn money to pay for someone looking for a free ride.

2) Building venue equity is just as important

From the bartender to the manager to the doorman the message was the same: These are stand up guys (men we respect and value at our establishment) and we know who they are. This claim that she was presenting was out of character for us and as such, the entire venue had our backs. This is a powerful thing, but it’s something you have to earn. We’d been investing and building venue equity in that place for months now and it was awesome to see that good credit in full action.

3) Always approach the night with a fun attitude

I’m sorry (that I’m not sorry) that we ruined this woman’s night, but she certainly wasn’t ruining ours. We went out with the attitude that we’re going to have fun no matter what, and despite this incident, we had a great time and got an entertaining story out of it.

Now go out and have some fun you fellow scoundrels.

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The Granola Bar That Saved My Life

Granola Bar

“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” ― Brodi Ashton, Everneath

Sometimes heroes come in the most unlikely forms. Like that of a granola bar. The story is from earlier this year and I must admit, it’s one of my favorite ones of the year so far. Now as fun as it is, there’s also so some good nuggets of wisdom that came from this experience, so pay attention because it can come in handy for you one day.

The Background

I had met this one girl randomly at a restaurant during happy hour when I as out with a buddy. She was there waiting for a friend but once I saw her I knew I had to strike up a conversation. She’s a solid 8.5, she’s about 5’5,” dark black her, big beautiful eyes and one of the most spectacular set of DD’s I’ve ever seen. Turns out she’s 39 and has two kids but actively keeps herself in great shape and knows how to have a great time. After chatting with her, my 6th guy sense, or “Dickth Sense” tells me she’s a lot of fun and that I’ll need to act fast, so I ask her what’s she’s up to later that night (it’s about 8pm). She says she has a quick PTA meeting but would be down to meetup after. So I setup an insta-date later that night and we grab a quick drink and hang another bar from 10:30pm until about midnight. The conversation was great, but it was a “school night” and she needed to get home so we parted ways.

Two weeks later I invite her out to hang with some friends of mine and she comes out and brings two friends. That night was a blast of a time, me and her wound up making out a lot in front of our combined group (including two very pissed off prospects of mine that I had also invited and my friend who was passed out…this story might be worth it’s own post later). At about 2:15am that night she hops an uber home while I help my passed out friend to his car and drive him home. Let’s call this girl Mia.

A week after that I hit up an LA hot spot with a buddy to talk some business. As we’re discussing business, I notice another girl give us the “up and down” eye-rape look which I make a mental note of as she walked by us. Me and my friend finish talking shop and are now shooting the shit about life. I notice the girl from before and her friend are standing close by, so I lean over to them and say “I have a random question; what’s the best airline?” This leads to a quick 1 minute conversation about how Virgin airlines is the best (and yes, they really are) and suddenly we’re now a group of 4. The girl that had given us “the look” is a solid 8, about 5’9″ and a half, blonde hair with a nice body and a very pretty face to match. Let’s call her Tess. Her friend (who turned out to be a former Knick’s cheerleader) was also stunning and so my friend was engaging with her.

I’m making small talk with Tess, like where she is from and why she is in LA, and it turns out her and her friend work for a high-end hotel chain and are in town for a conference. Tess lives in San Francisco but gets to travel to different cities for the hotel for various reasons. As I am talking to Tess for 2 minutes I get a very strong vibe and I think to myself “go for it,” so after having only known her for a total of 3 and half minutes, I pull her in for a kiss and we start making out. We continue chatting for another few minutes when Tess’ friend gets a text from one of their coworkers they are meeting up with at a different spot, so I grab Tess’ info so we can hangout since she is only in town for 5 more days. For the sake of the main topic of this post, I’ll end the story of this night right here. But I might need to post the full story later on because 5 minutes after she left I was giving another girl a piggy back ride across the bar and making out with her next to a fire pit while the manager was bringing me and my friend comped drinks. It was that kind of night.

The Scenario

The next day went something like this:

4pm: I ping Tess about meeting up at night and she replies that she’ll let me know where her group of coworkers plan to go.

6pm: That evening I go on a feeler date with the girl I met a week ago at the beach randomly. It was a nice and simple coffee date, but her personal story was a crazy tale of drug addition, issues with the law and family drama. I know red flags when I see them, but I still kept it friendly and we both had a good time enjoying each others company. I then dropped her back off at her place.

9pm: After the friend-date, I went to meet up with some friends in Culver City and we hit a spot we like to frequent when we are there. I get a text and it’s from Mia asking me what I am up to tonight. I tell her that I am out and about, but we should keep in touch and try to link up. It never hurts to have a back up plan for the night, in case if Tess falls through. I was really excited about Mia, but since she was local I had to bump her priority down because Tess was only in town for 5 days.

11:30pm: Tess texts me to let me know her group is at this cool spot, we’ll call it Bar X, and that she’s looking forward to me coming out. I let her know that I will head over shortly.

12:00am: I drive to Bar X, but I’m crazy hungry and I need something to give me a little energy boost plus to settle my stomach. So I drive an extra block to a liquor store and buy a granola bar.

12:05am: I eat said granola bar (which was delicious by the way) and I’m feeling like a new man. I’m ready to hop back in the car and park it at Bar X, when I get a text. It’s from Mia, and it reads “Hey I am at Bar X, you should come join me.” FUCK. ME.

12:07am: I cruise up the street to another hot spot to think. The problem with Bar X is that it’s not that big, and it’s a place a where I would certainly stand out so there’s no room for privacy. Now my options are:

1) I show up and choose Tess.

2) I show up and choose Mia.

3) I show up and try to leave with both of them.

4) I don’t show up, try to recruit at this current hot spot, and reschedule with both for another day.

12:15am: A choice is made. I went with option…drum roll…

Option #4.

Why? Because based on my interactions with both of them, the relationships where very new but both where high interest. I wanted both of them and was unsure about a potential threesome situation, but I knew I could have each of them separately, guaranteed.

12:20am: I text them both (separately) that I am making sure a drunk friend gets home ok, and that we’ll need to reschedule.

12:30am: I hear back from both of them letting me know that we’ll hang in the very near future.

The Outcome

All things considered it was a huge win, I wound up getting a few numbers that night, though admittedly my mind was too preoccupied with my current scenario to have enough concentration to go into full pull mode. But I did wind up hooking up with Tess 2 nights later (that story in of itself is an odyssey, as the next night I had a completely different girl over (not Mia) but Tess hit me up at midnight) and her last night in LA as well, and then I wound up hooking up with her again when I was up in San Fran. I wound up hooking up with Mia 2 weeks later, and that was one of the top 5 smash sessions I’ve ever had.


1) Having multiple options gives you clarity. If I was option-less and thirsty, I would have gone to the bar to see which option would pan out and would possibly lose both in that process. But since I had already been on a date that night, I knew Tess was around for 4 more days, that Mia was around since she is local, and add in the fact I had another girl coming over the next night, I was able to keep a clear head and make the most objective choice for myself. When you fear something it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that sabotages you. Cultivate options, keep your head clear, and the pathways to what you want will become apparent to you.

2) Never put yourself in a situation you don’t control. Yes, there are always elements you can’t control (like having Mia of her own accord go to the exact same place I was going to meet Tess). But you can control how you react. Based on my sense with each, I did not think a threesome would be possible and that my hand would be forced to choose one, which still would have been a good scenario, but by rescheduling I was able to achieve both objectives, which was a great scenario. I could have walked into that bar and rolled the dice to see how it played out, but for what I wanted, I knew the best play was to give up that one night where my Frame would face a major uphill battle, which wound up leading to a scenario were I had 3 great nights with Tess and 4 amazing nights with Mia.

3) Always be on your A game. In this case my mind was preoccupied with a scenario but had I kept my concentration up I could have made other options happen for myself that night. Things worked out fine, but by the same token, no matter how good you are, there’s always room for improvement.

4) Enjoy the process. One of the biggest things that stands out from that whole night for me was when I was at the other hot spot so I “could think” and I had just told the two girls I couldn’t make it that night, I thought to myself; “What a great problem to have.” It’s an awesome feeling to have two girls unknowingly at the same place they both want you there that night. It’s also fun to have been “saved” by a simple act of getting a granola bar.

5) Be humble. Not going to lie, I did get a little ahead of myself that night at around 10pm when I was talking with my friends. I had been on a date, was supposedly meeting another girl later, had a 3rd one interested in hanging and had a 4th one scheduled for the following night. So yes, I did brag a little, but oh how quickly did the universe pull one over me. So when I write this post don’t think I’m trying to show of how great I am or that I’m hoping to impress you. The purpose of this post is in fact to serve as a “near-miss” story with some fun lessons in there. I don’t care about impressing people, what I care about is helping them learn and I use my own experience to help facilitate that. So if you think I’m epic or that I’m lame, it doesn’t matter to me. All I care about is if you picked up a a takeaway or two from my experience that can help you should you find yourself in a similar situation.

6) Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and many times in the most unlikely forms. My hunger and need for a midnight snack led me to delay my trip in the quest for a granola bar, and that little 5 minute delay saved me from having to risk losing what turned out to be two separate but dynamite experiences with two awesome women.

So there you have it, a crazy night that made for a crazy tale. I hope you got some takeaways or at the very least where entertained. Thanks for reading and be sure to checkout my other posts as well. I’ve got more content to drop so feel free to follow me here or on twitter as well.



Swipe Right: A Red Pill Dating App Review


“I’ve been on so many blind dates, I should get a free dog.” – Wendy Liebman

Being in the dating industry I get a lot of questions around dating apps. My personal take on dating apps is that they are ok only if used 10% of the time to augment and compliment you Game activities. Dating apps are heavily skewed against men and the whole system is designed to give people who couldn’t “compete” so to speak on the open market place a fighting chance. Now there’s nothing wrong with meeting someone on an app, but if you’re relaying on apps to meet girls vs going out into the real world, you’re going to be in for a rough ride and will stunt you Game development. So I recently downloaded a few and played around on them to better answer the questions I hear surrounding these apps. So with that in mind, here’s a breakdown I have for each app:


The app to put dating apps on the map, Tinder is one I’m sure many of you have tried. From a Red Pill perspective this app is conducive to the abundance mentality tenant, which like real life requires you to do a lot of digging (swiping) to find potential prospects. Tinder is certainly an anything goes app, so be ready to deal with anything and everything. The quality is certainly not high, but with enough swiping or carpet bombing (just swiping right on everything and seeing who you match with) you might uncover a gem or two. Be wary of getting that “match validation high” since 80% of swipes you probably won’t match with so it makes each match seem like a bigger deal than it really is.


This apps is very hypergamic but also consistently has the highest quality (most attractive options) of all apps. Maybe every girl on Bumble knows how to take better pictures, but in any case this apps does foster abundance mentality. The girls have to send the first message, so with that restriction in mind you know that a girl is at least interested when you do get a message. There is a feature of extending matches which is Blue Pill scarcity dread tactic, so if a match is going to expire let it and move on. Extending the match means you’re already afraid of losing a girl you haven’t even met or talked to you which will put you at a disadvantage. If she matches you and is interested, she will act in her 24 hour window.

Coffee Meets Bagel

If hypergamy was an app, this would be it. This app uses restrictions and selective matching as a way to get money from people as well as reinforce the scarcity mentality as well as to run a built-in dread game. The noticeably more attractive matches that you can “discover” but have to use beans (the app currency which you can purchase with real money) for, it’s almost like you’re dating the dating app and trying to appease it to give you access to the goods. You can even “skip the line” to put yourself in a potential matches queue faster, which is you paying the app to get yourself qualified by a girl. This is not a position you want to put yourself in psychologically, you’re already setting yourself up to have a Beta mentally. This apps prays on the Blue Pill guys so I’d suggest avoiding it all together.


After a few failed versions of the swipe model, Hinge has morphed into a traditional website style dating app, like Match.com or Plenty of Fish (both of which have apps). This apps give you recommendations so it’s another app that gives you less options and choices, thus creating a false sense of scarcity and dread.


This app takes an interesting twist on the conventional dating app: It focuses on people who’ve been to the same places as you. The issue with this app from a Red Pill perspective is that this app forces you to go through a process to get a girl’s attention by sending charms and then crushes, so it’s psychologically prepping you to go through a qualification process to get the attention of women.

Apps can be useful when going to a new city and looking to meet people and local recommendations. If you’re looking for some more in depth guides on how to get the most mileage out of apps, you can checkout this podcast. But from a Red Pill perspective it’s important to understand how each app will psychologically condition you, so use them with caution. Most of them by design will condition you to be a Beta qualifier for a girl’s affections. As always, the best thing to do is go old school: Talk to girls in real life.