Retiring The Alpha Jedi And Introducing The Renegade Wingman

Dear Reader,

First off, I would like to sincerely thank each and everyone one of you for the support over the years. It has been an honor, a major learning experience and a lot of fun blogging over the years. The time has come for me to retire the Alpha Jedi moniker in order to pave the way for new growth. From today forward I’ll be known as the Renegade Wingman and I am looking forward to this new chapter with much excitement.

Fear not, I’ll still keep this site up and running so you’ll have access to all previous content. But going forward I’ll be focusing on evolving and growing my Renegade Wingman brand as it is a much more focused and dedicated coaching business.

To all the readers, podcast guests, and supporters I again say thank you. I look forward to better serving you all in the future and as always, go forth and conquer.


Alpha Jedi

My European Adventure – Episode 10 of The Alpha Jedi Podcast


“Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.” – W. Somerset Maugham

In this fun, hour long episode of the Alpha Jedi Podcast, I detail my trip and exploits while in Europe. It was a blast of a trip and there was a lot to be experienced and observed. Some of the topics I cover are the differences in femininity between European women and American women, how Game and Rep Pill principals can produce great results overseas, the state of European men and much, much more.

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The Goldmund Interview – Episode 8 Of The Alpha Jedi Podcast

Goldmund 1

“It’s just a beautiful human experience, to experience that seduction dance the way it should be, with that male-female dynamic; it’s just amazing. There’s really nothing else like it..” – Goldmund

On this deeply insightful episode of the Alpha Jedi Podcast, I had the great pleasure of having renown blogger, photographer, and writer, Goldmund as a guest. He’s authored 6 books, has been a featured speaker at The 21 Convention, and has been a major contributor of the Red Pill community, to name a few highlights.

In this packed half hour episode, we discuss overcoming social anxiety, the human experience, camera game, feminism, and much, much more.

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AJ Outline V7 Podcast

5 Reasons to Have Female Friends

Female Friends

“I think there’s something to the old saying that women use sex to get love, and men use love to get sex. And love is really just a word we use to describe a close bond, or relationship, between two people. Men have been programmed to want sex, so they do whatever is necessary to be in a relationship with a woman. And a woman is programmed to want the stability and (financial) security of a relationship, so she offers the man what he wants: sex.” ― Oliver Markus, Why Men And Women Can’t Be Friends

The topic of female friends is always an interesting debate within the Red Pill community. Some say never have them, others say it’s ok to have one or two. Personally, I find this topic to be pretty interesting and I have my own thoughts on the subject. As a Red Pill man I think it’s essential to have a core group of Red Pill (or close to it) male friends. As for female friends,  I think it’s not only possible but it’s important to have them as well. Below are my top 5 reasons why:

5. They provide first-hand validation of Red Pill truths. Once you become Red-Pill aware, you can’t unsee the truths it holds. This will be extremely evident in all of your relationships, especially those with pre-existing female friends. But, what this does allow is for you to go “go behind enemy lines” so to speak, in that you get a first hand view into confirming these truths for yourself. Suddenly, things you used to take at face value you can suddenly see the mechanisms behind the words or action, especially when your female friends discuss dating.  It’s always good to get a live reminder of how women operate so that way you can see just how Blue Pill men get used by women, but also frustrate women at the same time. You also get to see confirmations of how Alpha and Red Pill men are perceived and treated and these first hand observations confirm things in ways far more meaningfully than a forum post. So to sum it up, having female friends is a great way to get field confirmation of Red Pill truths so you can better understand them, learn about them, and then apply them for your own means.

4. They can be great bait. Female friends, especially attractive ones, are excellent bait, in the sense that they are perfect for arousing the curiosity of other females. Once you learn mastery over not being phased by a woman’s beauty and you adopt the abundance mentality, then being friends with attractive women is very easy. And an unintended perk of that is if you invite these female friends out to a fun venue, say a bar, club, event or even just the park; all other females in the vicinity will be instantly curious. I’ve been approached by many women when I am out with a female friend or several, and the first thing they want to know if “what’s your situation?” Having attractive female friends creates a rudimentary form of social proof. And when it comes to nightlife it makes the relationship very symbiotic, in that your female friends get to enjoy your presence and check out cool places, and you get to have instant social proof you can leverage to pickup other girls. Now remember your Red Pill principals, on having strong Frame will allow you to fully maximize this. If you’re that guy that’s with a bunch of female friends but you have no Frame and project a Beta vibe, then you’re going to be perceived as a girlfriend yourself. So the 2 big things to remember are keep your Frame strong and the more attractive your friends are, the better it the situation will be for you.

3. They can keep your plates in check. Another perk that female friends can provide, especially very attractive ones, is that they can keep your plates in check. We’ve all been in that situation where a plate gets a little too comfortable and starts trying up the shit test ante. Having solid Frame keeps that in check, but also doing a hangout with a plate and an attractive female friend works effectively in creating that sense of light dread. It’s a very live reminder of “I’m a man who keeps the company of attractive women, so I don’t need you as my sole source company.” Girls are very competitive, so playing that nature against itself works very effectively in your favor. And if you’re still a little Blue Pill and think that this is somehow morally manipulative, you need to understand that women are naturally far better players than men and are playing their own game. So you either need to be superior at your own game or find yourself trapped within the confines of her game.

2. They can be friends with benefits. If you have your Frame in check and are a high value man, then you’d be amazed at what situations you can create for yourself. Friends with benefits is always a great situation to have, and in order to have that situation, you need to first be friends. If you stick to your Red Pill principals and work an developing yourself and your Frame, then you’ll be able to foster these situations much more frequently at your discretion. The more experience you have the women, the better you’ll be with them, to them and for them.

1. It’s just good networking. One of my favorite quotes is “Life is a contact sport. The more people you contact, the better you’ll do. Having female friends is good networking, as with any friend it can lead to other romantic pursuits with other friends they have, experiences at at events, or even career opportunities. The key is to ensure that if you’re going to have a friendship, with anyone, they are a person of good character that adds value to your life, just like you will add value to theirs. Everything I listed above only works if you are a man of value who provides some type of value. If you’re just looking to be a leech or a taker without giving anything in return, then you need to do some seriously self evaluation and turn that ship around.

All in all having female friends can provide many perks and also helps give a balanced perspective on life. Remember, the purpose of the Red Pill isn’t to hate women or be anti women, it’s to help men better understand them so we can be the “men who other women want to fuck, and other men want to be.” If you hate women, then you’ve completely missed the point.

Thinking Man

The Catfish Maneuver

Bulet Dodge

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” – Edgar Allan Poe

We all have our own approaches styles, and some are more high risk than others. But sometimes one man’s folly creates an opportunity for another man. This post is about an experience I recently had that involved a creepy opening and a little improv that led to an entertaining out come.

I was having dinner at a restaurant I frequent with a few friends. Being the observant group we are, we noticed a table of 3 very attractive girls close to the bar. They looked to be about 22, but they where in high spirits on what appeared to be a girls night. As one of them walked to the bathroom, they had to pass by our table and so I began to figure out the best way to make the approach. Since there was a table of 3, making the cold approach was not ideal, but if I could “plant the seed” and then harvest it later, that would make my cold approach much warmer.

When I spotted the girl returning from the bathroom, I excused myself to go to the bathroom and as soon as I made eye contact with her I pointed and said “I know you from somewhere…” She looked at me trying to figure out who I was and responded with “I not sure I do.” I responded by stating “I’m pretty sure I do…” and since she looked to me like a Marie, I said “Marie?” She looked a little surprised and said “That’s my middle name…” to which I knew the seed had been planted, so I said “I’m not sure where I know you from because I never forget a face. This is going to haunt me. I’m going to hit the bathroom but I’ll be over in a bit to get this figured out.” She shook her head in agreement and went to her table to join her friends while I went to the bathroom.

I returned from the bathroom and stopped by my table to check in with my friends, and I noticed an older guy who was dressed like a rock star; the dark sunglasses…indoors…at night, faded leather jacket, many rings on his fingers and torn skinny jeans. He was making his way out of the restaurant and I told my friends that I was going to go harvest the seed i just planted. I made my way over to the bar, since my friend was working as the lead bartender and he was stationed right in front of the girls table. I began chatting him up to see how everything was with him, then I pointed out the table of girls behind me and told him he should come say hi in about 5 minutes so I could introduce them to him. He asked me if I knew them and I said “Not yet, but I’m about to,” and I walked up to the girls.

The girl I was talking to initially, we’ll call her Jessica Marie, was sitting in the middle, which made it easy for me to launch right into it. “Ok,” I said. “We need to figure this out…” “Yes we do,” she replied, and then I explained to her friends that I knew Jessica from somewhere but couldn’t place my finger on where. After a quick convo, I found out that she’s from about 40 minutes from where I grew up and still lives there. She was out for a girls night with her two friends, who are also from the same area. As I was walking up to them, I noticed they had been looking at a napkin right before I arrived so I asked them about it. “OH MY GOD!” Jessica exclaimed as she pushed the napkin forward. “This totally creepy guy came and left this at our table.” I took a look at the napkin and this is what it read:

“Your features are beautiful. The could have been crafted by Peter Carl Faberge. He created 57 Russian Imperial Easter Eggs for Tsar Nicholas II and Alexandra of the Romanov Dynasty.

(over) [- yes, this was instructions to flip the napkin over]

What about dinner

1. Polo Lounge Beverly Hills Hotel

2. SoHo Sunset Blvd or Malibu

3. Mastro’s

4. Your choice

I am a rock star

*phone number*

“Wow,” I said. This was one of those moves that only goes 1 of 2 ways: Decent, or very wrong. It went very wrong in this case. “I can’t believe how creepy that guy was” One of Jessica’s friends said. “So creepy!” said the other one. Seizing the opportunity, I came up with an idea on the spot. “Well, this guy may need to be taught a lesson,” I said. So I grabbed the napkin, input the number in my phone and then texted “Malibu?”

All three girls looked at me with the “I-can’t-believe-you-just-did-that” face to which I replied, “Now we’re going to have some fun.” While we awaited a response, I kept the conversation with the girls going and then my bartender friend popped over. I quickly introduced him and told the girls he’s the guy they need to see for top quality beverages. My bartender friend then said he was going to make a special off menu cocktail for the table, when suddenly my phone beeped with a text. The rock star had responded with “Who’s this?” So with the girls eagerly looking over my shoulder I replied “You wrote me a note on a napkin and you forgot who I am?”

A fresh round of drinks from my bartender friend arrived and we had a solid cheers as we were enjoying ourselves and catfishing a creeper. After a few minutes the rock star responded with “Of course I do. You’re beautiful.” As a Red Pill aware guy,  this was a bit painful as this guy’s approach method reeked of Betaness. Too keep things from getting too real, I texted “#1” followed by “I’ll let you know my schedule,” so I could continue focusing on the girls.

After our little game of catfish Jessica’s friends where expressing that they where tired and ready to head home. I let them pay their tab proceeded to grab Jessica’s number and set up a date for the following week. I then returned to my table with my friends to continue our night of merriment.

As for the rock star? Well, I ghosted him after that night to which he recently texted me “You’re a pretty girl but I’m surrounded by beautiful girls all the time. Being a rock star has its advantages. You’ve taken too long to respond to my invitation for dinner. Something I am very much unaccustomed to therefore I am canceling my invitation to you forthwith, which means now! I wish you the best of luck with your future.”

Best of luck with your future as well, good sir.


4. Approach in person, not on napkins. The point of this post is not to humiliate or poke fun of the rock star, but it is to illustrate the difference in approach styles. Actually facing a girl and talking to her as apposed to writing a sonnet about her beauty and pedestalizing her off the bat produced night and day results. One method resulted in a phone number and date, the other in being viewed as a creep.

3. Always be ready to improvise. Once I discovered the napkin, it became clear that there was an instant in. By turning the creepy guy into a game, I was able to quickly bond and get in with the girls, as well as providing an entertaining spin to previously uncomfortable moment.

2. Always befriend the bar tender. This particular restaurant I enjoy, but they do have a full bar and I made sure a while back to get to know the bar tender. In this case it paid off in spades as I was seen just chatting the bartender up like an old friend, then introducing him to the group, and then he made a specialty off menu item for the table. This gave me instant status and venue cred with the girls, further establishing me as a high value guy and not a creeper.

1. Don’t use notes on napkins. I could have been a sleaze and taken advantage of this guy or strung him along. But instead I left it be and took note of his reaction. His farewell address shows that he’s miffed about the situation but is trying to tell me how much of a player he is. A real playboy doesn’t need to convince people with his words, he just lives it. I do hope this rock star changes his approach or perhaps uses a different type of game elsewhere, because if you leave your phone number on a napkin at a table, you never know who you might be talking to.




Lessons About Alpha Frame From Bryan Cranston


“I don’t think life owes me anything and the business doesn’t owe me anything. The only way to approach it is by working hard and loving what you do. If you do that and have faith, maybe you will get lucky. I mean that sincerely and specifically. I truly believe that no professional career in the arts is capable without a healthy dose of luck.” – Bryan Cranston

I went to a book signing event where Bryan Cranston would be signing his book A Life In Parts as well as having a moderated Q&A session. As a student of life and game, I new it would be a great opportunity to find some great takeaways. Needless to say Cranston did not disappoint, and below are some major takeaways from the 2 hour event.

1. He Owns The Space. Cranston is a bit tall, thin man but not the most physically imposing person. However, when he’s in front of a crowd he completely owns the space with his body language and presence. I’ve seen a lot of famous people living in LA, and I must say that his use of space and presence let everyone know he’s the Alpha in the room. He walks with a purpose, and everywhere he stands, sits, or just is he gives off the vibe that he totally owns the space, and as well the entire room. His body language is relaxed and commanding, which may be a result of stage training as an actor. But in any case, his body language is always on point.

2. Attention Is His Plaything. Being the reason everyone is at the event means that he’s going to be the focus of attention, and he fully embraces it. From the moment he hopped out in front of everyone (yes, he did simply not walk in, he ran in and jumped out) he grabbed all of the focus and attention like a ball and immediately proceeded to play with it. From telling jokes to launching into entertaining stories, Cranston not only has fun with his audience, he also let’s them have fun with him which creates a deeper connection between him and his audience. He uses his Alpha presence to hold the attention he’s receiving, but he keeps a light and playful tone when conversing to keep his presence from being overwhelming. This leads to the next point…

3. He Uses Humility And Genuineness As His Armor. Cranston’s presence is pure Alpha, and the tools behind it are a combination of humility and genuineness. He uses a sense of humility when talking about himself and his experiences to relay his confidence and belief in himself, without seeking validation of approval from the audience. This solidifies his Alpha presence is that his is self-assured but not arrogant, which is the perfect armor for the Alpha. He then takes this to another level by bringing out a raw sense of genuineness, especially when engaging people one on one, which not only allows people to relate and connect with him, but also commands respect because you get a clear understanding of who he is. For example, when I went to get my book copy signed, he looked me in the eyes and said “I sincerely hope you enjoy the book. I’m grateful for the support.” It was a genuine sentiment that showed that he was thankful, but also at the same time it all was within the context of his Frame. Speaking of…

4. His Frame Is Airtight. Cranston’s Frame is by far one of the most impressive examples I’ve witnessed from anyone, as he always holds the Frame. About 20 minutes into the Q&A, this woman in the front row accidentally had her phone go off. While the distraction was entertaining, Cranston walked up to her, took her phone and then said “Let’s see what we have here.” He then pretended to scroll through her phone and then showed her how to put it on silent, before causally strolling back to his chair as if he was a professor giving a class a lecture. Nothing operated outside of his Frame, not even unexpected interruptions.

Those where the main takeaways I got from a fascinating 2 hours. I am a fan of Cranston’s acting, as he’s owned the role of Walter White from the iconic Breaking Bad, but has also done some great work in the comedy space as well. Often times with actors they portray these Alpha characters but their real presence is very much the opposite. In this case, Cranston is legitimate the real-deal, and there’s a lot that can be learned about Alpha Frame from observing him. Fame is the ultimate game, but having a true alpha presence take that to the next level. He really is “the one who knocks.”


What Time Is It? It’s Cockblock O’Clock


“We shouldn’t be cock-blocking McLovin, we should be guiding his cock.” – Officer Michaels, Superbad

No matter how solid your game is or experienced you become, you’re going to run into cockblocks. Sometimes they are in the form of a well-meaning friend, a hostile person, or a specific scenario. This story I’m going to share with you is one about a situational cockblock, how to play it and what the takeaways are.

The Situation

I was at a local hot spot that my good friend and me frequent a lot. The place has great food, great drinks, and plenty of talent to boot. I know all of the staff at the venue, from the general manager to the bouncers, the bartenders to the hostesses. My friend and I get in, do some flirting with the hostesses and then get settled. We actually have a few other friends there, much to our delightful surprise. We grab some beverages and are involved in a conversation around Burning Man (my one friend just came back from it that day), when I see this older woman (about 45+) sitting at the bar close by where I am by herself. Though she’s older, she looks really good, you couldn’t tell that she was older from afar, only by getting closer could I tell. I sit in the seat next to her as she’s looking over the drink menu and I tell her if she needs a suggestion I have a few go-to recommendations. She responds pleasantly with nice southern accent and we hit it off.

We start talking and I find out she’s visiting from New Orleans  for the weekend. We flirt playfully back and forth and from our conversation she drops hints that she’s been a bit of a wild child back in her day. My other friends that where close by saw the situation was looking prime and was giving me nods of approval. With a this situation looking like I’ll be leaving the venue shortly, I’m feeling great and excited to see just what comes of it.

After about 15 minutes of conversation and heavy flirting, I finally ask why she’s visiting this particular place. She responds with a bit of a bombshell:

“My daughter works here.”

Time seemed to freeze for a quick second, because I am very tight with the staff, they are like my night life family, so I quickly processed the implications of my present situation. While that was happening over the course of 5 milliseconds, her saying that phrase must have put something out in the universe because sure enough, 1 minute later 2 of the hostesses come over (one was the daughter, who is very hot herself). The daughter greats her mom and says she wanted to check in on her to make sure she was good. This is one of those situations where I played it super cool on the outside, but on the inside I was laughing at myself and also thinking about how both of them would be fun to experience, but the internal laughter was far greater.

The daughter and other hostess leave and then 2 minutes later one of the bouncers comes over to “check in on mom.” At this point I knew getting the lay would not be worth the complications it would cause for me at the venue, which has provided for me many times, and these “check ins” continued from the staff over the next 10 minutes. Seeing that I was dealing with a situational cockblock, I switched my mindset from flirt mode into friend mode, and brought in with my larger group of friends.

We had a fun time exchanging crazy stories and discussing the best kinds of drinks. At midnight, the daughter’s shift ended and so she left with her mom, though the mom made it very clear she was “very glad to meet me” and my friends where asking me why I was not leaving with her. I gave them the full story and we all had a great laugh, to which my one friend commented that “I don’t come here that often so I’d be more than happy to play daddy. We had another great laugh and then this brunette girl caught and her friend caught my attention. I went over to them and struck up a quick conversation, which lead to them leaving with my friend and me to hang at an after hours cafe.


4. It’s not you, it’s the situation. The key is realizing that the situation is a cockblock, as in this example. See the situation for what it is and that will inform your next move…

3. Just because you can get it, doesn’t mean you always should. While it was clear that with a little work, I could overcome the situational cockblock and get the notch, what wold be the true cost of that notch? I get the royal treatment at this venue night after night, and so getting this notch could cause a bit of a disruption in that. It’s not worth it, especially considering the next takeaway…

2. Always keep the abundance mentality. Yes, there was a slam dunk in front of me, but by keeping the abundance mentality and not seeing this 1 girl as my only shot for sex that night, I was able to have a great time, keep things sold with the venue staff and then meet two other girls shortly after.

1. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Situational cockblocks suck, but they are certainly learning experiences that you can look back and laugh on, sometimes laugh at in the moment. It’s all in good fun.

Be sure to follow this blog for more content, tips and entertaining stories. Leave a comment to share your own stories. Cheers.

Laugh it up


Sibling Rivalry

sibling rivalry

“We must love one another, yes, yes, that’s all true enough, but nothing says we have to like each other. It may be the very recognition of all men as our brothers that accounts for the sibling rivalry, and even enmity, we have toward so many of them.” – Peter De Vries

For this post I wanted to explore a topic that I have not seen much on and that I’ve been dwelling on for a while. I wanted to touch on the Red Pill mindset and how that affects family relationships, specifically between siblings. For those of you that are only children, this topic may not necessarily echo any sentiment from personal experience, but it can potentially give some insights into your close friendships or give you some perspective into your friends that do have siblings. Being Red Pill is something that has a ripple effect in your life, and within the family dynamic it’s seen on a magnified scale.

Between Brothers

As young boys, siblings provide your first experience and foray into manhood. It’s a training ground for the battle you’ll face later on in life, as well as a learning experience to teach about strong bonds, loyalty and social interaction. In the ideal scenario this would be fostered and guided along by the parents, though this is not always the case. Having come from a very Blue Pill background most of my experiences I would consider fairly normal and typical. My siblings and I would scuffle, go on adventures and shared many interests together growing up. Our dad was well meaning but very Blue Pill, which would come to haunt him and us as we got older, but that’s an entirely different topic. For now I’m focusing on the relationship between brothers.

One by product of the Blue Pill mindset is that it gives you the idea that you always need to make others happy, even at your own expense, and this comes into play very largely with siblings. There have been times where I have suppressed frustration, canceled dates, and even given entire paychecks to my siblings, out of a sense of family duty. Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t help out your family when they need it, but under the Blue Pill guise I was missing a critical piece: Family is a two-way street, and sacrifice and loyalty has to be earned, not just taken for granted. This lesson is a hard one to see, especially in a “family first” environment, with a few Red Pill tweaks that lesson would have been realized much sooner.

Once I became Red Pill aware, not only did my perspective on the world change with women, it changed with my family relationships as well. One of the more shocking correlations I discovered from the Red Pill was that I was in fact in a BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) type of relationship with one of my brothers and that I needed to keep my personal Frame in check in order to get out of it. I also discovered that by focusing more on developing myself, the less stress of others I carried with me, especially in my family life. As we’ve gotten older my siblings and I have gotten more distant, which is unfortunate. Part of it is due to life transitions and being busier with our own lives. Other parts of it are due to seeing the Red Pill but not being able to express the ideas without a Blue Pill centered rejection response. The Red Pill is liberating and frustrating at the same time. If you think being Red Pill aware can be isolating and frustrating with your friends, imagine how it is with siblings that you’ve grown up with. This creates an unspoken tension between brothers, as the clash of Blue Pill and Red Pill plays out on a much more intimate scale. Things are never the same, and in many regards there’s that feeling of loss of innocence. The Red Pill is already a very tough pill to swallow, and having family involved can make it even tougher as now blood brothers suddenly become more like spies and saboteurs.

For any fathers that read this, I relay this experience as someone who’s seen it from the ground up. Fostering a healthy Red Pill awareness in young siblings is critical, not only for their development as men, but for how they will relate to each other as they grow older. The search for brotherhood is something ingrained in men, we seek it as we grow and ideally if we have biological brothers we could get it there. But one way or another, we seek it, even if that means going outside the blood family that we have.

Also, it’s pivotal that you keep your Frame in check, because you are the male example in which your sons will mold themselves upon. Any strength you have they will imitate, any habits you have they will pick up on and absorb. If your presence is not fully there, it will show and manifest later on in life. You are shaping young lives, so always look at the example that you set.

For any mothers that may read this, it’s important to take a step back and let your boys be boys. Too often boys are viewed as “the problem gender” and masculinity is viewed as a defect that needs correcting. You will not fully understand the masculine experience, which is is fine, because we as men will never fully understand the feminine experience, but suffice to say trying to raise sons in the same manner as daughters handicaps them when they enter the world. Also, there’s nothing wrong with embracing your femininity. For boys growing up, your example becomes the template they have for when they go out into the world. So if as a mother you’re in a position where you’re constantly shooting the father down or pushing him around, then your sons will come to expect that for themselves in their interactions with women.

Between Brothers And Sisters

Red Pill awareness is critical for brothers and is absolutely essential for brothers with sisters. The reason for this is that sister provide a baseline impression for how boys will interact with women as they get older and go out into the world. Girls from a young age learn and adapt their skill sets for life at a rapid pace, which means that growing up, boys will be subjected to every weapon that girls have at their disposal. That means shit testing and emotional manipulation will occur. This is how boys are impressionable and it’s paramount to ask what kind of impression will be made? Will they be playing second fiddle and grow up being pushed around by the females in his life? Or will there be a healthy balance of respect and independence fostered that will allow young men to stand on their feet?

I’m grateful for the fact that I’ve had brothers and sisters so I can see how these dynamics are influenced and fostered growing up. As a brother, Red Pill awareness has helped me keep my Frame in check with my sisters while helping to make my interactions with them better. It’s a wild realization when you realize that even your own sister, and yes, your mother are just as hyergamous and will shit test you like all other women will. But being able to go in eyes open and know how to handle that makes every interaction better. Being Red Pill aware has helped make me a better brother to give a male example for my sisters, as well as help with providing better (if not very subtle) insight into their own relationships they have.

Fathers, if you have daughters, then just like with sons, the example you set will set the expectation for the men in her life. If you’re a pushover or lack a solid foundation of Frame, especially in interactions with the mother of your children, then guess what, your daughters are going to pick up on this and absorb it. We all know good and well about girls with daddy issues, and it’s never a path you want to explore first hand.Your example sets your daughter’s expectation for her future interactions with the men in her life. What kind of men will she keep company with? Strong, independent men that can take care of business? Or timid, weak willed men that will be stepping stools under her thumb? Your example will have a significant impact.

For mothers, I would again remind you that your example is what will make the impression and set the expectation. So if you set a precedent for your daughters that instills in them a sense that they need to always “be the man” in the relationship, that will have a significant impact on how they approach future relationships. There’s nothing wrong with raising strong minded, independent women who can handle them selves, in fact that’s the ideal goal as society needs more women like that. But if they are brought up that way believing that’s only achievable at the expense of men, then there’s an imbalance.

Final Thoughts

I may do another post later detailing Red Pill parenting from the perspective of growing up Blue Pill and what might be done differently, but for this post I wanted to focus more on sibling dynamics. My hope is that if you have siblings and have gone through similar experiences on your own Red Pill journey this can provide some insight or clarity. Inter-gender dynamics impact every personal relationship a person has, and more often than not, the Red Pill really hits home.


Ergo Ego

Ego Bubble

“Check your ego at the door. The ego can be the great success inhibitor. It can kill opportunities, and it can kill success.” – Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson

In the human experience, one core issue we all deal with on a constant basis is balancing our ego in our lives. Too much ego and we can risk becoming arrogant pricks which can hinder our objectives. Too little ego and we risk being timid doormats, which enables others to walk all over us. So managing that fine line is a critical and daily issue we have to deal with in. In terms of Blue Pill and Red Pill this gets taken to a higher scale because of the implications that stem from it.

Blue Pill Ego

The ego in reference to the Blue Pill is possibly the single largest threat to freeing men from the grasp of the Blue Pill. The reason for this is that Blue Pill men make large ego investments into “not being like other guys” or being “better men” than the jerks women complain about yet hook up with, in a twisted sense of false humility. By taking the noble high road, Blue Pill men are trying to project themselves as humble and some how morally superior, yet in reality they are feeding their ego on a sense of honor which they pride themselves on. Not only is the Blue Pill man devout in his stance, but he takes pride in it. This becomes the reinforcing agent that traps him and ties his fate to all the women that have “turned a new leaf.” He may secretly slut-shame or want to avoid the low quality women, but then once a woman turns her affections towards him he will automatically absolve her of any past sins because his ego investment in his honor system keeps him bound to the idea of being “a good guy.” Plus, if she’s showing interest and affection in him, it provides a validation for his ego investment because she must be all his hard work and sacrifice, right?

This leads to a road of misfortune as the the Blue Pill ego gets met with failure, frustration and shock when his honor system he’s been living by is not respected but actually reviled by the women he seeks. Blue Pill men have the hardest times reconciling their ego’s once their investments in them have gone bust, which is the tragic outcome of being a slave to it. Depression, substance abuse and suicide are common outlets for many Blue Pill men that have had the rug pulled from under them and facing the cold fact that their ego investments where made with a worthless currency.

For the Blue Pill man, ego is an anchor that gets heavier and heavier with each investment he makes into it. The real tragedy is that he thinks he’s building a foundation for his happiness, when is reality he is laying the bricks for his own failure.

Red Pill Ego

The Red Pill ego is an ally if properly trained or a cruel slave master if undisciplined. For the those aware and versed in the Red Pill, the freedom and power that comes with it are amazing “super powers” so to speak, and many Red Pill men spend a great deal of time testing and refining these powers.  A new ego is developed and fostered from this process. Unlike the Blue Pill ego, the Red Pill ego is forged from seeing things as they are, which can be a great ally to men, especially if there is a humility from looking back on one’s Blue Pill past and seeing how much progression has been made.

The danger for the Red Pill ego is that a sense of hubris can quickly develop due to success of this new freedom. While one is certainly more successful and in a sense “better” than one’s Blue Pill self, there is a tendency to look down upon all Blue Pill men, especially since they can be a painful reminder of what one used to be like. This is where the risk of arrogance comes from for Red Pill men. This arrogance can cause Red Pill men to slip back into Blue Pill habits or find themselves in situations where they are shooting themselves in the foot by rubbing people the wrong way without any reason to.

The other side of that coin is for the Red Pill aware man who has become spiteful and bitter during his transition from Blue Pill to Red Pill. The Blue Pill ego can be powerful and lay the ground work for future sabotage in the Red Pill ego. Usually very traumatic events that leave the ego investments of the Blue Pill idealism bankrupt can form scars in man as he transitions his thinking. This impact is found on the Red Pill man who is bitter and angry. This drives his ego to be spiteful, and because this spite is sourced from a damaged ego, this new Red Pill ego is a hardened slave master that drives a man to use his Red Pill awareness to relentlessly protect his ego against any potential harm.


Whether Blue Pill or Red Pill, it’s important to keep your ego in check. Any easy way to do so is seeking out people that are in a place you want to be, whether it’s professionally, financially or Game wise. By surrounding yourself with more successful people, you are able to learn but also it keeps your ego humbled and gives you access to wisdom from the life experience of others so you manage your won ego battles.

When you’re Red Pill aware it’s critically important to keep it disciplined and always keep in mind the origin point of any action you take. Are you acting in accordance of what you want, is is your ego in the driver’s seat? If your ego is, then take caution that it’s steering you in a direction conducive to your goals. Ego’s have a tricky habit of looking out for themselves instead of ourselves.