Female Bully Complex


“I realized that bullying never has to do with you. It’s the bully who’s insecure.” – Shay Mitchell

As most of you are very aware of, women will shit test to no end. This is one part of their nature that is a hard-coded survival skill that has been the bane of men for centuries. Now for the most part, this is a subconscious filtering process that is not usually coming from a place of ill-intent. But what happens when it turns malicious? Then you need to treat is as a bully complex…you have to take a stand.


Before we get ahead of ourselves about what to do, first we need to look into some of the root causes. Shit testing seldom starts with malicious intent, so what turns it actively against you? Usually the cause of this is a lack of strong Frame. Women will test their limits with you, especially to see if they can push you and how you react. This is all subconscious and more of a defensive mechanism, so for the most part it’s part of the nature of interacting with them. However, like a shark, once they smell blood, that can trigger a feeding frenzy. Every chink in your armor suddenly becomes a needle to be pressed into you repeatedly, every misstep a punishable offense, any sign of indecisiveness or weakness is added a bullet in the chamber for later.

Many a man has had this happen to him, when he is in a new relationship or an LTR, and things are going well, until seemingly one day out of the blue it starts to turn. Relationships do have their highs and their lows, but you have to trust your gut to sense when the situation is low vs when it’s become toxic and malicious, and that’s when you need to do an abrupt and honest assessment of your Frame in the situation.


Prevention is always the best cause, and like when dealing with a bully, you have to set the tone that you will not be pushed around from the start. Not saying that women are consciously trying to be bullies (though some are), their inherit nature shares a few things in common with them in the sense that they will shit test and push boundaries to see how far it can go. That’s why a the repeated theme of Frame is critical. A bully on the school yard has absolute Frame (and this is a case of when Frame is used for the wrong intent). The only way to keep that Frame in check is by establishing and holding your own Frame. You can either be a victim or stand up for yourself and show that you won’t be. It’s the same idea with women, you have to keep you Frame in check and show that you won’t be pushed around or falter. You don’t have to be a jerk or asshole about it, because ill-intent breeds more ill-intent. But you do have to be a composed, otherwise you risk the relationship souring into a malicious state.

When any relationship becomes malicious, it’s time to end that relationship, plain and simple. The biggest thing that men fail to realize is that when they are in this position, their Frame has been compromised and they are in a no-win scenario. Usually they focus on protecting their ego and the ego-investments they’ve made in the relationship, but what they are doing is trying to win a battle while the war has already been lost. Like the Art of War states; “Every battle is won before it’s even fought.” In this case, the woman has all the Frame and control and every a man is doing is always in reaction to her.

Even when he “stands up for himself,” since she knows subconsciously that he’s relinquished his Frame to her before, any attempt made on his part to reclaim it and assert dominance is seen as artificial and non-genuine, so she will never take it seriously. In fact, this proposes a challenge for her to see how she can break him down again. This is the point where it is best to cut all ties and move on…The situation is a no-win scenario. At this point it’s like an arm heavily infected with gangrene that is starting to decay: The situation has become toxic and it’s time to cut off the arm to save the body. The best you can hope for is to maintain some Frame and dignity by ending the relationship swiftly and abruptly, with minimal to no explanation like “This isn’t working out for me.” That’s it.

It sounds harsh, but from what I’ve seen friends go through first hand, the alternative which is much, much harsher. Months of back-and-forth arguing, stress, lack of sex and constant worry; all for an outcome that deep down they knew was coming eventually. Staying in this situation also creates conditions that cause women to cheat on their partners. Many times a girl has cheated because she was mad at her current partner and was looking for a way to get back at him. In her mind, she will be completely justified in doing so because the cause of getting her that emotional state was you. And partially she is correct, as a man it is your job to keep your Frame in check, otherwise the situation will get away from you and run completely amok.

The way many men internalize this is that they owe it to the girl or the relationship to “give it an honest try.” And this is another trap of the Blue Pill mindset, the sense of honor or “giving it a fair shot” mentality that does not help you, but in fact imprisons you and keeps you shackled to a sinking ship that is pulling you under the depths.


If the scenario I mentioned above is something you’re currently going through, then I sincerely hope you head my words with caution. As I’ve said many times before, women can be amazing and dynamically wondrous experiences that can add a lot to your life. They can also be soul-draining nightmares that bring stress and misery to your existence. This post is to help you with dealing with the latter. You have to know when to cut your losses and move onto other opportunities. Check your ego at the the door and tell you pride to step aside, because those two things can become tools used to keep you in a toxic situation.

Sinking Boat


Red Pill Misconceptions

True or False

“The misconception that a victory can be worth its price, has in the nuclear age become a total illusion.” – Alva Myrdal

One topic that I don’t think gets address enough are the misconceptions around the Red Pill terminology and what many of these things actually are. The purpose of the Red Pill is to provide a set of tools and guidelines to help you maximize your potential in life, not to be a rigid, set-in-stone mantra that defines everything in black and white. Below is a list of misconceptions seen commonly:

Alpha = Asshole

Red Pill = Alpha

Beta = Out of shape “nerd”

Blue Pill = A pathetic person

Game Aware = Pick Up Artist

Pick Up Artist = Amoral Womanizer

It’s important to remember that these terms are more abstract and not rigid. Many people can be one or more terms in many senses of the word…but that’s what makes it a powerful thing, it’s about how it all applies to you. There are plenty of naturally Alpha guys that are totally Blue Pill but are also upstanding men in there communities. There’s also many Red Pill aware men that are very Beta, where most newly aware men start out.

Self-awareness is really the core issue here, and so with Red Pill awareness you can better figure out how it applies to your life and how you can forge your own path. But if you keep thinking of these terms in a rigidly binary sense, you’ll miss the bigger picture. The Red Pill is a set of tools and how you use those tool is up to you. A lot of life isn’t just black and white, and the same goes for these terms.

Be open minded and forge your own path.


The Granola Bar That Saved My Life

Granola Bar

“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” ― Brodi Ashton, Everneath

Sometimes heroes come in the most unlikely forms. Like that of a granola bar. The story is from earlier this year and I must admit, it’s one of my favorite ones of the year so far. Now as fun as it is, there’s also so some good nuggets of wisdom that came from this experience, so pay attention because it can come in handy for you one day.

The Background

I had met this one girl randomly at a restaurant during happy hour when I as out with a buddy. She was there waiting for a friend but once I saw her I knew I had to strike up a conversation. She’s a solid 8.5, she’s about 5’5,” dark black her, big beautiful eyes and one of the most spectacular set of DD’s I’ve ever seen. Turns out she’s 39 and has two kids but actively keeps herself in great shape and knows how to have a great time. After chatting with her, my 6th guy sense, or “Dickth Sense” tells me she’s a lot of fun and that I’ll need to act fast so I ask her what’s she’s up to later that night (it’s about 8pm). She says she has a quick PTA meeting but would be down to meetup after. So I setup an insta-date later that night and we grab a quick drink and hang another bar from 10:30pm until about midnight. The conversation was great, but it was a “school night” and she needed to get home so we parted ways.

Two weeks later I invite her out to hang with some friends of mine and she comes out and brings two friends. That night was a blast of a time, me and her wound up making out a lot in front of our combined group (including two very pissed off prospects of mine that I had also invited and my friend who is passed out…this story might be worth it’s own post later). At about 2:15am that night she hops an uber home while I help my passed out friend to his car and drive him home. Let’s call this girl Mia.

A week after that I hit up an LA hot spot with a buddy to talk some business. As we’re discussing business, I notice another girl give us the “up and down” eye-rape look which I make a mental note of as she walked by us. Me and my friend finish talking shop and are now shooting the shit about life. I notice the girl from before and her friend are standing close by, so I lean over to them and say “I have a random question; what’s the best airline?” This leads to a quick 1 minute conversation about how Virgin airlines is the best (and yes, they really are) and suddenly we’re now a group of 4. The girl that had given us “the look” is a solid 8, about 5’9″ and a half, blonde hair with a nice body and a very pretty face to match. Let’s call her Tess. Her friend (who turned out to be a former Knick’s cheerleader) was also stunning and so my friend was engaging with her.

I’m making small talk with Tess, like where she is from and why she is in LA, and it turns out her and her friend work for a high-end hotel chain and are in town for a conference. Tess lives in San Francisco but gets to travel to different cities for the hotel for various reasons. As I am talking to Tess for 2 minutes I get a very strong vibe and I think to myself “go for it,” so after having only known her for a total of 3 and half minutes, I pull her in for a kiss and we start making out. We continue chatting for another few minutes when Tess’ friend gets a text from one of their coworkers they are meeting up with at a different spot, so I grab Tess’ info so we can hangout since she is only in town for 5 more days. For the sake of the main topic of this post, I’ll end the story of this night right here. But I might need to post the full story later on because 5 minutes after she left I was giving another girl a piggy back ride across the bar and making out with her next to a fire pit while the manager was bringing me and my friend comped drinks. It was that kind of night.

The Scenario

The next day went something like this:

4pm: I ping Tess about meeting up at night and she replies that she’ll let me know where her group of coworkers plan to go.

6pm: That evening I go on a feeler date with the girl I met a week ago at the beach randomly. It was a nice and simple coffee date, but her personal story was a crazy tale of drug addition, issues with the law and family drama. I know red flags when I see them, but I still kept it friendly and we both had a good time enjoying each others company. I then dropped her back off at her place.

9pm: After the friend-date, I went to meet up with some friends in Culver City and we hit a spot we like to frequent when we are there. I get a text and it’s from Mia asking me what I am up to tonight. I tell her that I am out and about, but we should keep in touch and try to link up. It never hurts to have a back up plan for the night, in case if Tess falls through. I was really excited about Mia, but since she was local I had to bump her priority down because Tess was only in town for 5 days.

11:30pm: Tess texts me to let me know her group is at this cool spot, we’ll call it Bar X, and that she’s looking forward to me coming out. I let her know that I will head over shortly.

12:00am: I drive to Bar X, but I’m crazy hungry and I need something to give me a little energy boost plus to settle my stomach. So I drive an extra block to a liquor store and buy a granola bar.

12:05am: I eat said granola bar (which was delicious by the way) and I’m feeling like a new man. I’m ready to hop back in the car and park it at Bar X, when I get a text. It’s from Mia, and it reads “Hey I am at Bar X, you should come join me.” FUCK. ME.

12:07am: I cruise up the street to another hot spot to think. The problem with Bar X is that it’s not that big, and it’s a place a where I would certainly stand out so there’s no room for privacy. Now my options are:

1) I show up and choose Tess.

2) I show up and choose Mia.

3) I show up and try to leave with both of them.

4) I don’t show up, try to recruit at this current hot spot, and reschedule with both for another day.

12:15am: A choice is made. I went with option…drum roll…

Option #4.

Why? Because based on my interactions with both of them, the relationships where very new but both where high interest. I wanted both of them and was unsure about a potential threesome situation, but I knew I could have each of them separately, guaranteed.

12:20am: I text them both (separately) that I am making sure a drunk friend gets home ok, and that we’ll need to reschedule.

12:30am: I hear back from both of them letting me know that we’ll hang in the very near future.

The Outcome

All things considered it was a huge win, I wound up getting a few numbers that night, though admittedly my mind was too preoccupied with my current scenario to have enough concentration to go into full pull mode. But I did wind up hooking up with Tess 2 nights later (that story in of itself is an odyssey, as the next night I had a completely different girl over (not Mia) but Tess hit me up at midnight) and her last night in LA as well, and then I wound up hooking up with her again when I was up in San Fran. I wound up hooking up with Mia 2 weeks later, and that was one of the top 5 smash sessions I’ve ever had.


1) Having multiple options gives you clarity. If I was option-less and thirsty, I would have gone to the bar to see which option would pan out and would possibly lose both in that process. But since I had already been on a date that night, I knew Tess was around for 4 more days, that Mia was around since she is local, and add in the fact I had another girl coming over the next night, I was able to keep a clear head and make the most objective choice for myself. When you fear something it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that sabotages you. Cultivate options, keep your head clear, and the pathways to what you want will become apparent to you.

2) Never put yourself in a situation you don’t control. Yes, there are always elements you can’t control (like having Mia of her own accord go to the exact same place I was going to meet Tess). But you can control how you react. Based on my sense with each, I did not think a threesome would be possible and that my hand would be forced to choose one, which still would have been a good scenario, but by rescheduling I was able to achieve both objectives, which was a great scenario. I could have walked into that bar and rolled the dice to see how it played out, but for what I wanted, I knew the best play was to give up that one night where my Frame would face a major uphill battle, which wound up leading to a scenario were I had 3 great nights with Tess and 4 amazing nights with Mia.

3) Always be on your A game. In this case my mind was preoccupied with a scenario but had I kept my concentration up I could have made other options happen for myself that night. Things worked out fine, but by the same token, no matter how good you are, there’s always room for improvement.

4) Enjoy the process. One of the biggest things that stands out from that whole night for me was when I was at the other hot spot so I “could think” and I had just told the two girls I couldn’t make it that night, I thought to myself; “What a great problem to have.” It’s an awesome feeling to have two girls unknowingly at the same place they both want you there that night. It’s also fun to have been “saved” by a simple act of getting a granola bar.

5) Be humble. Not going to lie, I did get a little ahead of myself that night at around 10pm when I was talking with my friends. I had been on a date, was supposedly meeting another girl later, had a 3rd one interested in hanging and had a 4th one scheduled for the following night. So yes, I did brag a little, but oh how quickly did the universe pull one over me. So when I write this post don’t think I’m trying to show of how great I am or that I’m hoping to impress you. The purpose of this post is in fact to serve as a “near-miss” story with some fun lessons in there. I don’t care about impressing people, what I care about is helping them learn and I use my own experience to help facilitate that. So if you think I’m epic or that I’m lame, it doesn’t matter to me. All I care about is if you picked up a a takeaway or two from my experience that can help you should you find yourself in a similar situation.

6) Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and many times in the most unlikely forms. My hunger and need for a midnight snack led me to delay my trip in the quest for a granola bar, and that little 5 minute delay saved me from having to risk losing what turned out to be two separate but dynamite experiences with two awesome women.

So there you have it, a crazy night that made for a crazy tale. I hope you got some takeaways or at the very least where entertained. Thanks for reading and be sure to checkout my other posts as well. I’ve got more content to drop so feel free to follow me here or on twitter as well.



Alpha Jedi Code

Grey Jedi Code

“For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.” – Yoda

This post is a list of personal mantras I live by. It’s something I’d thought I’d share as it covers being a self-actualized man, some Red Pill principles and some practical Game tips. For some more Game specifics guides, feel free to checkout Christian McQueen’s list as well as Chateau Heartiste’s. A lot of this is common sense, but it’s shocking just how uncommon it is in the present day and age. If you’re looking for a place to start in your own journey or just want some more food for thought feel free to add these to your personal lists.

-Alpha Jedi Code-

#1. You Must Live Your Life For YOU.

Only you can live your life, so you must live with the consequences of your choices, good or bad. You are your first priority when making choices.

#2. Your Frame Is Your Life.

Frame is essential. Understand it, develop it, master it.

#3. Women Are Not The Enemy.

Many women are beautiful, amazing, powerful and dynamic experiences. However, understand their nature, for it is hypergamous, unforgiving and can make life misery. Love women, understand their natures, and you will have the keys to enriched experiences beyond imagination. Fail to see their natures for what they are and master them, then suffer the the shock and turmoil unlike any you can fathom.

#4. Just Because You Are Red Pill Does Not Make You Alpha.

Conversely, just because you are Alpha (have Game), doesn’t make you Red Pill. Red Pill is the theory and mind set, Alpha is the execution and practical application (Game). One must develop and exercise BOTH disciplines.

#5. Never Mess With Married Women.

It’s not worth it on so many levels. It’s not a moral issue (but it can be), but think of it in an altruistically self-serving manner: You are likely to draw judgement from friends and family, there’s all sorts of secrets, risk and potential blackmail, and biggest of all is you have a spouse that complicates things and is a wildcard variable. They might take legal or physical action against you and it’s just an unnecessary complication. There’s too many unattached women out there with less risk and more reward potential. Keep life simple.

#6. Take Joy In Life.

Life is an amazing and wonderful experience. Go have experiences that bring you joy and happiness. Take joy in understanding the Red Pill and seeing how those mechanisms work. Enjoy developing your Alpha side, using Game, and seduction process. Woe is the man who resides himself to theory, bitterness and resentment. If you do not take joy in your life, what’s the point?

#7. Fuck Fear.

Learn to live without fear, for fear will stagnate you, hold you back and rob you of opportunities and experiences while breeding regret and misery. Fear kills Frame faster than anything and more often than not becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

#8. Trust Your Gut.

When it speaks, listen with all your focus. It is connected to things beyond your conscious mind. Learn to understand it and let it act as a guide and warning system.

#9. Exercise Discipline

Red Pill awareness and Game are powerful tools to master, but with that mastery comes a responsibility to exercise discipline. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it.

#10. Always Be Learning

Everyone and every experience can teach you something and is an opportunity to learn. From learning we grow, and whether we learn something positive or negative, don’t let knowledge go to waste. Your future self will thank you and learning is the key to avoiding many unnecessary situations and stress in life.

#11. Always Add Value

Whether it be in business relationships, personal ones or family ones, be a person of value. If you want to get ahead in life the best way through the front door is to be a person of value. Bring value through your unique insights, skills, and personality and the doors locked to others with open for you.

#12. Value Your Time

Time is the one thing you WILL NEVER GET BACK. You can always make more money, get new friends and acquire new material things; but time is something you can never recover once spent. Invest your time wisely and guard it jealously.

#13. Be Accountable

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it. YOU are accountable for your situation and it’s up to YOU to determine where you go in life. You can always find something else to blame for everything, but at the end of the day only YOU can live your life, so make it a life that YOU want to live. Own your shit, hold yourself accountable and see just what you are fully capable of.

#14. No Regrets

Regret is the anchor that shackles you to your past and prevents you from grasping your future. Never have regret, even with bad decisions. Learn from those and move on.

#15. Do The Work

DO THE WORK. You can’t get results without doing the required work.




Ergo Ego

Ego Bubble

“Check your ego at the door. The ego can be the great success inhibitor. It can kill opportunities, and it can kill success.” – Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson

In the human experience, one core issue we all deal with on a constant basis is balancing our ego in our lives. Too much ego and we can risk becoming arrogant pricks which can hinder our objectives. Too little ego and we risk being timid doormats, which enables others to walk all over us. So managing that fine line is a critical and daily issue we have to deal with in. In terms of Blue Pill and Red Pill this gets taken to a higher scale because of the implications that stem from it.

Blue Pill Ego

The ego in reference to the Blue Pill is possibly the single largest threat to freeing men from the grasp of the Blue Pill. The reason for this is that Blue Pill men make large ego investments into “not being like other guys” or being “better men” than the jerks women complain about yet hook up with, in a twisted sense of false humility. By taking the noble high road, Blue Pill men are trying to project themselves as humble and some how morally superior, yet in reality they are feeding their ego on a sense of honor which they pride themselves on. Not only is the Blue Pill man devout in his stance, but he takes pride in it. This becomes the reinforcing agent that traps him and ties his fate to all the women that have “turned a new leaf.” He may secretly slut-shame or want to avoid the low quality women, but then once a woman turns her affections towards him he will automatically absolve her of any past sins because his ego investment in his honor system keeps him bound to the idea of being “a good guy.” Plus, if she’s showing interest and affection in him, it provides a validation for his ego investment because she must be all his hard work and sacrifice, right?

This leads to a road of misfortune as the the Blue Pill ego gets met with failure, frustration and shock when his honor system he’s been living by is not respected but actually reviled by the women he seeks. Blue Pill men have the hardest times reconciling their ego’s once their investments in them have gone bust, which is the tragic outcome of being a slave to it. Depression, substance abuse and suicide are common outlets for many Blue Pill men that have had the rug pulled from under them and facing the cold fact that their ego investments where made with a worthless currency.

For the Blue Pill man, ego is an anchor that gets heavier and heavier with each investment he makes into it. The real tragedy is that he thinks he’s building a foundation for his happiness, when is reality he is laying the bricks for his own failure.

Red Pill Ego

The Red Pill ego is an ally if properly trained or a cruel slave master if undisciplined. For the those aware and versed in the Red Pill, the freedom and power that comes with it are amazing “super powers” so to speak, and many Red Pill men spend a great deal of time testing and refining these powers.  A new ego is developed and fostered from this process. Unlike the Blue Pill ego, the Red Pill ego is forged from seeing things as they are, which can be a great ally to men, especially if there is a humility from looking back on one’s Blue Pill past and seeing how much progression has been made.

The danger for the Red Pill ego is that a sense of hubris can quickly develop due to success of this new freedom. While one is certainly more successful and in a sense “better” than one’s Blue Pill self, there is a tendency to look down upon all Blue Pill men, especially since they can be a painful reminder of what one used to be like. This is where the risk of arrogance comes from for Red Pill men. This arrogance can cause Red Pill men to slip back into Blue Pill habits or find themselves in situations where they are shooting themselves in the foot by rubbing people the wrong way without any reason to.

The other side of that coin is for the Red Pill aware man who has become spiteful and bitter during his transition from Blue Pill to Red Pill. The Blue Pill ego can be powerful and lay the ground work for future sabotage in the Red Pill ego. Usually very traumatic events that leave the ego investments of the Blue Pill idealism bankrupt can form scars in man as he transitions his thinking. This impact is found on the Red Pill man who is bitter and angry. This drives his ego to be spiteful, and because this spite is sourced from a damaged ego, this new Red Pill ego is a hardened slave master that drives a man to use his Red Pill awareness to relentlessly protect his ego against any potential harm.


Whether Blue Pill or Red Pill, it’s important to keep your ego in check. Any easy way to do so is seeking out people that are in a place you want to be, whether it’s professionally, financially or Game wise. By surrounding yourself with more successful people, you are able to learn but also it keeps your ego humbled and gives you access to wisdom from the life experience of others so you manage your won ego battles.

When you’re Red Pill aware it’s critically important to keep it disciplined and always keep in mind the origin point of any action you take. Are you acting in accordance of what you want, is is your ego in the driver’s seat? If your ego is, then take caution that it’s steering you in a direction conducive to your goals. Ego’s have a tricky habit of looking out for themselves instead of ourselves.


The Game Grind


“Everybody wants to be famous, but nobody wants to do the work. I live by that. You grind hard so you can play hard. At the end of the day, you put all the work in, and eventually it’ll pay off. It could be in a year, it could be in 30 years. Eventually, your hard work will pay off.” – Kevin Hart

One of the often glossed over parts of Game is the Game Grind, which is the process of refining and developing one’s Game. It’s very easy to see folks like Rollo, Goldmund or Christian McQueen and forget that they all had journey’s they started long before any of us ever heard of them. Many will talk about how amazing and easy Game is for them now, but they’ll gloss over all the hard parts of getting to that present point. I myself know this very well.

My background story is pretty funny looking back on it now, but during the time before and just starting to come to awareness it’s pretty wild to see myself now compared to how I was back then. I used to be a Blue Pill as they came, for some of the usual reasons and for some other reasons as well. I’ll detail more about this on a post later, but my father was pretty Blue Pill and we had a lot of tensions and headbutting as my parents went through a divorce when I was a teenager. Determined “not to be just like him” I pushed myself deep into the Blue Pill side of spectrum. I never went White night, but I got pretty close to that point.

I always had a bit of a Red Pill side that would come out in “flashes,” which to my Blue Pill self was too much a reminder of some traits of my Dad I wasn’t fond of at the time, so suppression was my natural way of coping with it. My experiences with women where so Blue Pill dipped I could write a book on it. Writing poems (oh yes, that happened), being the shoulder to cry on, placing the needs of women and telling myself that “I’m a relationship guy” led to a string of disastrous experiences that proved to be extremely fruitless and wasted effort. I had a few successes sprinkled in there, but each time was during a “flash” of my cocky bastard (Red Pill) side.

After some time I began to notice this discrepancy between what I was saying and thinking vs what actually worked when it came to women. Noticing this, I began experimenting more and more with what was working, and them came across rather simultaneously Rollo Tomassi and Christian McQueen’s blogs. From there is was game over as I fully dove into the Red Pill and rapidly absorbed as much as I could. Over the next 4 years, I’m at the point that I am at today which is light years ahead of where I was.

That’s a high-level view of my story, but the bigger point I want to make is that every man has to start somewhere in his journey and if you’re just starting our or decades in, you still have to grind and refine your game. Starting out getting a phone number was a huge deal and maybe getting a kiss was the highlight of my month. Fast forward after many years of trial, error, learning and refinement, I can get a one night stand or same day bang while doubling the contacts in my phone book. I’m not trying to brag or stoke my ego by saying how great I am. What I’m getting at is that where I am today is the result of many years of grinding and learning after being frustrated with where I was. And like many of you, it’s going back on memory lane is funny now, despite the fact that it was a nightmare to experience back then.

One of the biggest things that gave me the shock to the system I needed was losing my virginity to my “dream girl.” I was raised pretty religiously so it I was 26 when I lost my virginity, though I had done everything up to that point but stick it in. I’d gotten blowjobs, finger-banged girls and played with boobs before then, so I had some experience, but I always stopped myself before going too far. But when I was 26 I finally hooked up with this girl that I had met when i was 25 and I had thought she was so special and unique, all of which where complete pedestal-level views of who she really was, which I saw a little bit too but overlooked because I saw the potential of the situation. Fast forward a year later when she’s out my house and basically just giving it away, when I was having sex with her I experienced one of the most empty experiences I’ve ever had, and the kicker is part of me knew that’s how it would be going in. I may detail the experience in a later post, because it’s a story almost too crazy to believe (I’ll just say it was really spiritual in a good and bad way).

After that experience it was another year before I had sex again, but the second time was a much different scenario and mental place, and I give this experience the credit for my desire to learn that sent me on my Red Pill Quest. I was at a club to celebrate a birthday of a friend of mine that I had known for a few years. She and I had a mutual friend so we’d hung out a quite a few times over the years but I always just thought of her as a friend, even though she was a pretty cute, tall blonde that had some of the same interests as me. Anyways, it was her birthday and she was wearing a sexy lack dress and so we went out on the dance floor. While dancing with her I had a thought of “I bet I could make out with her right now” that popped into my head, and so I went with it and we started making out. We eventually wound up back at her friend’s place since she lived on the other side of town but he lived in West Hollywood, which was close to the club, since she already made arrangements to crash at his place.

Her friend (a guy), her and me get back to his place and he has a small 1 bed room apartment. after 5 minutes of conversation, this guy pulls one of the greatest moves in bro-code history and says “We’ll I’m tried so I’m going to pass out.” He then “passes out” on his couch in the living room. I take the birthday girl into his bedroom, shut the door, toss her on the bed, and proceed to have some great birthday sex until the following morning. That expedience was made possible by following my budding Red Pill instinct as well as a little Bang-It-Forward help from her friend, but that’s where the journey started for me.

If you think it was all flowers, roses, and quick bangs you’d be terribly mistaken. The following years were filled with missed opportunities, bad Blue Pill habits that sabotaged me and flat out hardcore rejections from many girls. But I persisted on and now I’m at a point where my Red Pill knowledge and Game are in harmony. But am I resting on my laurels? Hell no. Why? Because there’s always something to learn and there’s always room to improve. Even today I get rejected, learn a new technique and find new experiences I hadn’t had before (Like going on a date to place that turned out to be a swingers club). The grind continues but I find joy in it because it makes me better and as helped me to help others. Yes, there are some nights where I am on fire and can do no wrong. And then there are nights where I am off and literally cannot buy a phone number. No matter how good you get you will never be 100% all the time. But by keeping the grind going, you can improve your consistency to get it as high as you can and you can see how far you have come along in your journey when you look back. I’ll always be grateful to the Rep Pill for giving me the tool set and vision to understand the nature of relationships, which has given me the freedom to navigate them in a way that I determine. And I’m also grateful for my Blue Pill experiences, because they’ve kept me humbled as I progress along my Red Pill path.

So whether you are just starting out or are well season-veteran, always remember that there is a grind involved in the processes. It’s not always fun, pretty or happy, but it’s the work that it takes to maximize your potential. and always remember that everyone who you see at the top of their game never started out that way, they had to go through a grind to get there.

Wake up. Grind. Rest. Repeat.


A Dance With The Dark Side

Vader Close Up

“If you will not turn to the Dark Side… then perhaps she will…” – Darth Vader, Return of the Jedi

I had a very fascinating interaction very recently which inspired this post. It’s always fascinating to see Red Pill principles in action, especially in relation to the Dark Triad traits and the Blue Pill.

Some background: Me and a good friend where hanging at an LA hot spot that we frequent when we wound up chatting up another guy about some business. We all wind up shuffling over to venue next door which is a pretty cool bar. Our new found friend starts chatting these two girls that are sitting at the bar up while we’re grabbing drinks. Seeing an opening, I join into the conversation and as a quick side bar, one of my favorite things is when bro-code clicks. He told them I was his cousin and we played very well off each other. My “cousin’s” other guy friends came to the bar and he moved over to talk with them, while effortlessly my friend that I was hanging with originally joined in. My friend is in his late thirties and is going through a divorce. I used a guessing game to get the ages of these girls, which is turns out they are 21 and 22.

The 21 year old is a petite, pretty black girl from the south. She has a great smile, deep curly hair and an aura of fun about her. We’ll call her “Sasha.” Her friend, is a slightly taller and stunning strawberry blonde. She is fair skinned and hails from Honduras. Let’s call her “Mary.” After some probing, Mary divulges that she does indeed have a boyfriend, despite the aura she was putting out hinting that she was single. To me, this seemed to hint that while she was in a relationship, not all was well and that there more to the story. Now, I am not an advocate of utilizing the Dark Triad aspect of Game. I do think it’s useful to know and be aware of, however as far as deploying it in every situation, it’s not something I go for. If you feel different, that’s your call, I think it can be useful in certain situations but those situations are few and far between. But that’s me. Getting back on track, in this very interesting situation, using some Red Pill questions inadvertently lead to running some light Boyfriend Destroyer Game, which is something I’m not actively a fan of.

I asked Mary how long they have been going out, and she divulged that they had been going out for a year and a half. I mentioned that she didn’t sound too enthused about her situation. She replied at length about how they met, their first few dates, and where they are now. I asked a Red Pill question of “He doesn’t seem to “get it” it, does he?” She responded about how he doesn’t do a lot of the little things to show her appreciation and how she’s frustrated that he doesn’t seem to know what he wants. I responded by telling her that as a man it’s important to take charge of one’s life, but also that there’s certain things he needs to figure out and know without having to have them explained to him when he’s in a long term relationship. Mary seemed surprised and enthusiastically agreed with my response, to which I asked another Red Pill question: “You know there is an expiration date on the relationship and you’re waiting for it to come to an end, correct?” Mary then looked down briefly and back up and and divulged that she was only still hanging in it as a way to get back her boyfriend and has been on the fence about getting out for a few months. Her friend Sasha chimed in saying that she’s told her for months that she should go be free and happy. It’s quite fascinating how a few Red Pill questions can quickly turn into Boyfriend Destroyer Game, which wasn’t my intent. But if it’s the point it naturally leads to, then that’s what the situation is.

At this point my friend hopped into the conversation and gave his thoughts. He mentioned that relationships take hard work and communication, but if two people aren’t on the same wavelength, than they aren’t compatible. Mary took some time to think this over, which led to a little Red Pill – Blue Pill back and forth session of questions. At this point, my goal was not to Game Mary into ending her relationship and coming home with me, but rather to see her reactions to a Red Pill question that scratched at the truthful causes of her situation, and a Blue Pill questions that spoke more to what she wanted to believe. It was really interesting to see first hand. At the end of the night we all exchanged info and agreed to all go out again at some point in the following week.

But at the very least, it can be entertaining to do a little dance with the Dark Side.

Vader Dance