The Make & Manage Money Quick Guide – Episode 12 of the Alpha Jedi Podcast


“I am on a twenty four hour
Champagne diet
Spillin’ while I’m sippin’
I encourage you to try it”

– Drake, Money To Blow by Birdman

In this half hour episode of the Alpha Jedi Podcast, I give some practical tips on money. From getting side income in your pocket today to tips on how to ball out on a budget, there’s something for everyone in this short episode.

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Street Walker’s Gold


“You’re nothing more than a clever prostitute. You accepted the conditions in which you found yourself and you triumphed.” – E.L. Doctorow

For today’s post, I’ll be elaborating on a throwaway comment I made to a friend of mine while we were out at an LA hot spot that stuck with me. One of the Blue Pill maxims that is very prevalent is the myth of the “quality girl” vs the “non-quality girl.” We were noticing a two girls, and one was taking pictures of the other. Both girls where incredibly attractive, long blonde hair, perfectly tone bodies and legs that could go on for days. We started to notice some details about their clothing and accessories. Both girls had on YSL (Yes Saint Laurent Shoes), Birkin Hand Bags and they looked to be about 21 – 23 tops. Now, if you aren’t familiar with those brands do a quick google search. Those accessories are very expensive, and for girls in their early 20’s to be rocking these there’s a 99.9% chance they didn’t pay for them. After they where done taking pictures, 2 guys joined them. The guys looked to be of middle-eastern decent, relatively young (I’d guess 26-32) but they drove over in a Mercedes Benz G Wagon 65 AMG, which is a very expensive SUV. My friend made a comment along the lines of these girls being gold diggers and responded unconsciously with: Everyone’s a prostitute, but there’s only 2 variables in the equation: 1) What is their preferred currency & 2) How much?

Everyone is a prostitute

Why this comment stuck with me is that in the context of the Red Pill, it’s easy to see past the “non-quality woman” mantra that gets shoved down our throats by the equalist-fempower movement. It’s easy and dismissive to write these young, hot girls that are easily 9.5’s on the SMV (Sexual Market Value) curve as materialistic, gold-digging fashion whores that aren’t worthy of a Blue Pill man’s time or energy. He should instead focus on finding a “quality girl” to occupy his affections. The reality is that this smoke screen is really just a way to disguise women’s hypergamy. The 9.5 hot girls can easily maximize there hyergamous options because when you are that high up on the SMV curve you can “command a premium” and guys are more than willing to pay it. For the girls that can’t compete directly, the strategy is to shame those girls in the eyes of men who might not be able to compete, or in some cases can but don’t know their SMV worth, so that can turn their SMV disadvantage into a big strength. Taking this to the broader scale, everyone, and I do mean everyone – both men and women, is a prostitute in some way shape or form. The guys in the expensive SUV might be using their expensive car and displays of wealth to prostitute themselves to hot girls. The girls might use their looks and sexuality to get access to the perceived wealth and lifestyle of these guys. Or the waiter at serving food might pretend to really care about a very annoying table he’s serving in order to get a better tip. Or a girl might were low cut skirt to get a promotion at the office. Make no mistakes, we all prostitute ourselves, so putting that in a Red Pill context we are willing to make social transactions for goods or services. The only 2 variables are: What is the currency & How much?

What is the currency?

We all want different things, but it is in those wants that we can discover the currency. Some people want friendship, others sex, other career advancement and others companionship. In a Red Pill sense, the Beta provider who finds himself a “quality girl” doesn’t see the relationship for what it is: He’s “paying” for the intimacy and companionship he desires by providing this “quality girl” with his finical and emotional provisioning. It’s like the old joke of “What is the difference between getting a prostitute and having a girlfriend? Paying for dinner.” This observation has stood the test of time because for guys, we can pay a girl money and she’ll provide us with the sexual release we seek. Or we can talk to a girl, and instead of paying her directly, we’ll pay for her dinner in the hope of achieving the same end.  So the real question is, What is the preferred currency of choice? Is it cold hard cash or is it expensive dinners?

Now, the purpose of this isn’t to dehumanize people, or to take anything away from the genuine emotions, desire, and enjoyment people have in relationships and interactions. But but I am saying is that there are underlying mechanisms at play that if you don’t understand then you’ll find yourself very surprised and shocked when you’re suddenly “outbid” but another party using the currency of choice. For the Red Pill aware, you know that the hypergamous nature of women is always testing for perfection and the best available option. So that understanding that a better bid (someone more Alpha, higher status, etc) may come along is very real. How many relationships have been ended at rock shows when the band pulls a guy’s girlfriend on stage? A clear case of a better bid.

Women understand this intuitively, hence why they approach dating as a zero-sum game. They know that there is a very real reality where a better bid (someone younger, hotter, more adventurous, etc.) can come along that can derail their investment. How many times have we heard the shaming strategy in play with divorced women complaining about their ex dating a “child” (aka a younger and hotter girl) after the divorce? They instinctively understand this reality of “everyone has a price” hence why they spend so much time and effort trying to lock down the men they perceive as Alpha’s. Usually the easiest and most commonly preferred currency is sex. Hence why Alphas enjoy the depths of depravity and sexual exploration with women, because these women know that if they maintain a hold on the currency they can keep the bid. Beta men on the other hand, usually have a preferred currency of companionship, validation and low sexpecatation (minimal expectations with sex), hence why they they get the companionship and ego boost they seek by landing a “quality girl” but will never experience the recesses of her full sexuality. They also make the mistake of trying to use the wrong currency with the women they fantasize about (like trying to relate to her as a gender neutral being would) and are perplexed when their currency is rejected.

How much?

After the preferred currency has been figured out, the next question naturally is, How much? This is one area when looking at things through the Red Pill lens where women, being the more pragmatic ones in their approach to love really excel compared to men. Men are usually very good at problem solving and using logic and reason, but when it comes to the question of currency, men, especially the Blue Pill Betas, get outclassed 10 to 1. Women understand the zero-sum nature of the sexual market place: If another woman secures a mate, they do not get that mate. Seeing this, women have become incredibly adept at figuring out the preferred currency that any given man seeks. Some men want passionate and consistent sex. Other men want ego validation while others simply just don’t want to be alone. Women are incredibly adapt at using discovering the currency of a man and then investing enough of it to get a long term contract in place to secure their ends, and once the sale has been made, there’s no need to continue paying for what they own if know the man they’ve secured is not a hot commodity in the market place. Hence why so many men get caught off guard when their girlfriends are sexually insatiable or always beyond supportive when they are dating, but once they establish a LTR or get married, suddenly all of that fades away.

Men can be very similar, particularity Alpha males, because instinctively the Alpha knows he’s a hot commodity. His currency is himself: His time is the commodity and as a high-value male he knows he can command a premium and that there are going to many buyers out there on the market. Beta men who aren’t able to enjoy the level of access the Alpha has (typically) employ other methods of currency, be it funding expensive lifestyles, emotional support or “seeing the real person” and completely overlooking someone’s past.

I do want to emphasize as a conclude this post that the intent here is not to take anything away from human relationships or experiences. The intent here is to provide a metaphor for the mechanisms behind human interactions and relationships to help you arm yourself with some knowledge that can help you maximize your potential and help you avoid unnecessary distress. Everyone wants something and there is a set of conditions (aka a price) that people want met to get that something. Learn what your own currency and prices are to protect and master yourself. Learn how to discover the currency and price of others and you’ll find endless potential when you can see the going rate of street walker’s gold.