Wolves Vs Dogs

Classy Wolf

“Liberty for wolves is death to the lambs.” – Isaiah Berlin

This post is an inspired response to Rollo Tomassi’s thought provoking tweet from 1/13/2018:

“The “beta uprising” will be nothing more than betas doubling down on empathizing with women. Whether directly by supporting and increasingly tight laws they hope will crack down on alphas being alphas, or indirectly by sorting themselves voluntarily out of the dating pool.”

I gave a quick reply on twitter:

“I think that is how It will start, but I think they will hit a point of nothing to lose, as they have given everything away and will start to push back.”

While this reply was based on my initial thoughts, the tweet stuck with me in my thoughts which lead to me to the post that I have for today. While do think that in the end, the Beat Awakening will result in some push back on the pendulum, Rollo’s words gave rise to a thought where I can’t help but see the parallel between wolves and domesticated dogs, and how the situation came to be.

Dogs started out as feral, untamed pack hunters that early humans feared and respected. At some point thousands of ears ago, there was a divergence, where dogs that where less aggressive and more naturally tame,where taken in by humans, while the wild ones where hunted, killed, or driven away. These time dogs become domesticated, and as time has passed, have become dependent upon humans for their survival. As we all know, domesticated dogs for the most part are nothing like their wild counter parts in modern times. And these domestic dogs will defend to the death their human masters and can even be sent on hunts to track down other wild dogs.

Relating this to Rollo’s tweet, the same can be applied to Beta men vs Alpha men. The Beta’s are in a sense domesticated pets, ready and willing to do their master’s bidding. They will even defend and attack the Alpha’s to protect their masters from them. Despite sharing a common ancestry, the Alpha’s and Betas are on different sides of the fence. So Rollo’s point of  “doubling down” I can see being the first step in a “Beta Awakening”. The first step will always be to defend what is known. But even domesticated dogs can become feral and wild should they suffer too much abuse from their masters. I think that will be the second part of the “Awakening” will happen when Betas are forced in kennels and denied the comforts of what they need to function.

In the meantime, the Alpha seems like an endangered species, in that as Open Hypergamy expands, the Alpha’s habitat is under serious threat. Though much like feral and cunning wolves, the Alphas have managed to adapt and find solace in numbers allowing them to thrive. As many have stated in before, learning game and evolving it is more critical than ever before. It is no longer a luxury, it is a survival requirement.

I do agree with Rollo’s thought that the “Beta Awakening” will see the doubling down of the domesticated Betas to protect their masters to their own detriment. I also feel that that will be the first part, and that the second, true “awakening” will happen after a breaking point is reached. Only time will tell where all of this goes and how it will play out. But one thing I do know is that much like wolves who have roamed the earth for thousands of years and have found ways to survive in all type of conditions, those that can actualize their Alpha selves and keep a strong Red Pill understanding will find a way to thrive. And when spotted in the wild, there will be a sense of awe and a reminder of how the natural world really works to the beholder.

Howling Wolf

Recommended Reads


“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Joseph Addison

Part of every man’s journey is a search for knowledge. Below are a list of books that I have read that I would highly recommend you check out. Some you may have read, others you have never heard of, but these books I’ve found to be great sources of inspiration and insight. I’m in no way affiliated with any of the authors, these are books I enjoy and would encourage others to read.

The Rational Male – Rollo Tomassi

A book that easily is top 3 in essential reading for any man, this masterpiece by Rollo Tomassi lays out an introduction to intersexual dynamics, known as the Red Pill. Be sure to checkout his blog at The Rational Male for much, much more thought provoking topics.

The Millionaire Fastlane – MJ DeMarco

This book is a masterpiece for anyone and everyone, especially people interested in entrepreneurship. It lays out the stakes of the game we’re all living in and explains the pathways we each face. A brilliant read filled with brilliant insight.

The Art of War – Sun Tzu

A short but insightful read, this book has stood the test of time. It’s a great thinker and will help with approaching the many daily battles we face in life.

Capture Your Career – King Bless

A short and great read, this book is about focusing your mindset to maximize your professional goals. Be sure to checkout King Bless’ blog as well.

The Like Switch – Jack Schafer

Another thought-provoking read, this book breaks down the science behind interactions and how to use them. There is a little bit of Blue Pill rhetoric towards the end, but still, the overall book is a great read.

So What? – Mark Magnacca

This book is short and content-rich. It asks an essential question around framing how we talk and in most cases try to sell to people which is: So What? What we say is not always of value, but understanding who we are talking to so we can frame our words to have the best impact is the core of what this book addresses.

Study up.